git down you funky jap

Cornelius has over 1000 shirts. Thrree zeros. The man is a god. Besides the shirts he has talent. You know beck? He's better than beck, i think, cos he has lots of shirts. And he's named after that cheeky ape in my fave movie.

I don't have fatasma but thanks to the internet i know the whole album. I don't have cm, i dunno what it is, to lazy to look. I DO have fm, and oh the pain of breakdancing has my vertabrae screaming. Is that healthy? stupid question. Um, FM or fantasma mixes. Very funky mixes by the likes of money mark (i just saw an old friend named mark tonight, he's always high but he knew who i was), The High llamas, DAMON albarn meow lap lap, The Pastels, and the most ultra funky Coldcut. When you go to open it the sticker reveals a nice Roddy McDowall skeleton pic(?), Thank Yous, and a dedication to Roddy.

Roddy is a funny name. Heh eh!

I only heard a few Takako Minekawa songs in my life but she is so great. Great, so great, cornelius mixed her songs. And she's so cute and stylin. If i were asian i would wear a lot of watches and have hairy arms. Cos i'm so pale right now and it's a pain to get that dark italian-like hair off my arms. I always think that if i were a few shades darker it would be alright. Have you seen the asian kid in the goonies? He's cool cos he wears watches, and lots of them. It's a lot of weight on my poor pale arms and it leaves red marks when i go watchless. I think if i were a few shades darker... She is very funky, though. If someone wants to get me that cd or dub it for me i would be pleased. HINT HINT!

roddy! hahaha!