When the pawn...

Fiona Apples new 90-word titled cd is nice even though she's a little off. Who has the most awesomest voice? Her! The lyrics slipped a little. I liked how great the words she used were, they rolled off your tounge. Still, she is poetic and so very true, i'm like reading it and i'm like "oh sheet, that's right" nodding my head. I like paper bag cos she compares anorexia to this guy she can't quite get. That one part in The Way Things Are where she is like screaming "How do iiiiieee fiieeeete beeesiiieeeede youuuu!" oh i love it.

Everybody hates her cos she's skinny and takes her clothes off in videos, and makes wierd speeches you'd wish she'd swallow, and tells people to bother the butterball folks, but who the hell cares. She's not here to impress anyone. You don't have to love her personally. Her songs get me grooving. That's what she's here to do, sing and get me grooving. Nothing else matters.

She goes out with the director guy from boogie nights. I thought that was good.

get gone