aminal music?

Who writes songs about animals? The Count from Sesame Street sings batty batty bat, but he's just a puppet... um. No no he's a real vampire, real felt fangs and a cape and a receding hairline of eviiil. Don't hurt me.

Humans who write songs about animals? Sheri Lewis must have something about animals. But that's in the past. I want someone still kicking. I'm sitting here with Tori Amos and thinking.

"Hello Mr. Zebra, Ran into some confusion with a miss-us croc-a-dile dile dile" Okay Tori, whatever you want.

"There's a frog on my toe".... "Spacedog".... Zebras and Frogs and Spacedogs? Tori Amos sings about animals. Not just corny animals who sit around making sounds and getting run over by cars... If they did, I could relate. But they have lives and little secrets among their animal friends. They get put together conspiricies and fight wars in space and jump on peoples feet. Tori is down with these animals.

How does she know all this? Do little aligators run up to her ears at night and whisper about their lifes? Yes! She's the animals only voice.

Now only if Jack Hanna would put something together we would have like this big animal revolution. So smoosh your ears on the goldfish tank RIGHT NOW and listen. That's not just blub blub.

out of the nest, it's time