Spin should rot in hades while a wolf chews at their legs

I am shocked and outraged that spin actually placed OK computer at #9. Yeah! September 99, page 122/123. That's not even half of it... a wonderful picture of the gods hanging around a bed was really f^cked up cos Spin but it between two pages. What? Yeah! I don't have a subscription to spin but if i did, i would no longer have one after this month.

Blur is Radiohead #2. You know their album, 13, i'm always talking about it. I thought i had the wrong cd. It doesn't sound like brit-pop. It's wierd, i dunno how to explain it. There's a lot of blips and fuzzy guitar noises a-la radiohead. Tender sounds very country, at first i hated it, but Damons voice is awesome when he sings "loves the greatest thing...". Damon's pretty awesome when he's not singing low. Damon's awesome. They're all awesome (graham especially, i'm sorry guys, you know me and dark framed glasses)

I like bands who make good music, but when i actually like the band itself then that makes their music great. They're vegetarians. They said this:

Damon: "Who are The Corrs? If you asked me to identify them, I couldn't." Graham: "They all need a month on the pasta."

Coffee and tv is a cute music video. That was the reason i bought the whole album instead of the single. Trimm Trabb has got to be the greatest word and song ever created. Battle ahhh! aahhhhh! I going to go listen to it now. This is my second favourite cd of all time. I only had it for a week and a half.

Surrender, Chemical Brothers. Mazzy Stars Hope Sandoval sings on "asleep from day". How cool is that? Mazzy Star hasn't put out a cd in years. This song is like a reminder that mazzy star still got it.... Oh, chemical brothers, um, I give it an 8. I got it after seeing the sixth sense. I was home alone and the cd was skipping. I scarred the hell out of me. Then i took away two points. Sorry!

I bought two cd's in one week and i fell in love with them instantly. No no, i really am hard to impress.

you don't have to tell me