Stupid folks turn into jazzy cats when they star in mafia movies. like, say, RAY LIOTTA, who is NOT the man. you are disqualified from the man list when youre part of the rat pack. Ray ain't no kind of italian (dassa good thing, no offense to the buchowinskioskos out there, cos it made goodfellas interestin) he don't even play a good italian. but i will be damned if he isn't 99.9 percent good (not the man-ly type good, mind you!) If it weren't for the rat pack, i'm tellin you, he'd be up there with chris walken and *BENICIO DEL fookin TORO*. Chris slater almost proved the rat pack theory of mine wrong when he did that most touching movie, untamed heart. the only movie that made me think "monogamy, mm, sounds great". but when you beat your smut you are off the good list and right on the hit list.

but anyway.... mafia movies are great and if BDT made a mafia movie i would go see it more than the matrix and like buy merchandise and maybe even write the guy fanmail for doing such a wonderful thing. he's so beautiful and scary. for all you arteests out there who remember fear and loathing, or basquiat the movie, or even the smaller population of folk who remember BIG TOP PEE WEE, his most startling work ever, you will so remember benecio. remember that name ben co, CHRISTINE! CHRISTINE! cos you add that accent and it's all done for me.

close de curtone