i use this place as a place of complaints, but right now i don't hate anything. i'm in a great mood, kids, and do you know why? because i ain't in no kind of grease ball high school. four long hard vial years of hell and other indent-able words.

so what does it feel like to be out of crusty ball school? oh so very free. i don't see any one group of people every day, so those hot cats i see are now exposed to mutant hybrid christalizza! no regrets here, suckas, if i trip up i can just get a new identity and move to finland. ain't no bobbies gonna tell me i have to git my sweet ass back to class. no bobbies at all.

And what kind of icecapades am i getting my self into? well, it all started when i was poisoned by some boyfriend stealing bitch back in 1992. then, when the doctors proclaimed my sleeping ass dead and refused to do an autopsy "for cleanliness", i was hurled six feet under. when i regained conciousness, i grabbed the walkie talkie next to me and screamed for help. little did i know that stealin bitch was on the other line, laughing while sippin cristal with my honey. i thought my ass was grass.

then, alas, honey found the walkie talkie and i guided him, with my psychic powers, to the zone. he dug me up and put me into intensive care. i slipped into a stress coma. when i woke up next year, i lost my identity and i.... i... oh shit, this isn't my life! this is a plot from days of our lives! ahwhoops. see, i stopped watching it eight years ago, and now coma girl turned into hope and honey bo left, and don't ask me about the bitch or her unmention rocky horror. so i guess i do hate something. now hope is with john and marlena is alone or dead or something. what happened to day time tv? i don't know, kids. i just don't know.