let's eat out tonite!

work at an ice cream store. hee haw ha. i can't believe i get payed for it. i'm surrounded by hot hot fudge, soft serve ice cream, whipped cream and your choice of cherries pineapples or wet walnut, alll day long. i've learned how to make some food that will make you fat, but if you work it if, will make you happy. HAAAPPY!

maybe it is good that i get payed for my job. it goes up to 112 degrees in there on hot nights. that's not the bad part. when the ice cream starts dripping and melting, as soon as you give it to the customer it will a) melt all over their hand or b) be licked up right away. one customer in particular who was (i'll never forgive myself for admitting this) a hott fredy prinze jr look a like. he ordered two big juicy plump hot sausages, (2 for 1.75) and a large vanilla cone with chocolate jimmies. i gave him the sausages. he took a bite out of one in this really really unbelievable deep throat fashion, and like half of it was gone. i came back with the ice cream, the hot dogs were gone and there was no one behind him. i stood their with the saliva dripping out of my mouth as he not only let the ice cream drip down his arm, but licked it up. i swear his eyes rollled to the back of his head. oh dear god. it was better than planet of the nymphs and glad he ate her put together. i mean, i was watching from my window for 20 minutes as he devoured his food. devoured, really, he like ate that shit up like there was no tommorow. all the time he waz looking like he was on the verge of needing a cigarette. it was amazing.

well, yeah it's great to get payed for my job. even thought it's as minimum wage as i can get, it's like being a janitor at a porno theatre. i would ask for a raise, but everyone out there giving themselves a raise is good enough for me.