if you'd like your food to come up really quick i suggest a little game called medal of honor. it's not gory like res evil or parasite eve. it's so frikkin nerve wrecking. i eat when i play games cos it pisses my dad off. i like pissing people off when they have really really silly bs attitudes. so, white popcorn is my choice snack cos it's yummy but also leaves a massive amount of slippery grease like cheese in the buttons. it dries up like tartar, try getting it off. big suprises await you.

anyway, i FINALLY got medal of honor, and i tried to eat when i played. so like i'm walking around with my guy and his big baad gun, just beat the first part of the first mission, all i hear is "natzini natzini schnout" or some german crap, then brrr brr brrrr. there is popcorn all in my larynx and that a word located in my lungs. my eyes bug out. i'm choking on popcorn and trying to kick some nazi arse. these is some hard futher mockers and this popcorn does not help. still i persist. out of nowhere some other natzi guy starts bustin caps and that just jams it in my throat even more. alll these nazis come after me, i wasnt expecting this, really. i thought oh man i'm gonna die and they gonna find my body controller still in hand. see my man got killed by some nazis and laugh at my cold rigor mortus body. this time i came back with a vengance.

i got myself all worked up and stood up while playing the game. that never happened! wel, they turned out to be some holy nazis thanks to me. the popcorn dislodged, and i'm sitting there in total bloodlust with choked up popcorn caked around my mouth. truly it is the best game i ever played. i'll tell you the end when i'm done!

at least it wasn't spinach