instant breakfast... in a snap!

i have no time. i don't even have time for my now ex bot-friend (not a typo), so what does this girl on the go do when she's hungry? i drink food! instant food!

french vanilla sucks so bad. it tastes like expired cough medicine. not the cherry cough medicine kind, prescription killer green kind! cafe mocha is awesome, it really does taste like cofe mocha. it's odd, cos you know how cafe mocha cools down and gets so frikkin nasty, starts tasting like french vanilla i.b? this tastes like hot coffee, but it's cold! hmmm. you could warm it up, but experience the coldness once in a while. milk choclot it shayners favourite. my sister steals that kind, along with choco malt. i had a bad choco malt experience, my nanny made ovaltine malt stuff one time and i had to drink that crap just to suit her (it was when i would sell out to the MAN grr). i'm fine with kelly taking them. brings back bad memories.

strawberry, strawberry. i loves that strawberry. it is pink so it makes me feel all girly inside after my early morning breakdance. and when the pink swirls it just radiates energy. then i drink it! it makes me feel zippy!

the rest of the day i starve. i have rubberbands on my braces. i hate taking them out to eat. if i leave them in the food bounces around in my mouth. but if you drink instant bfast (it's a pun!) during the day, a little goblin comes out from under the stairs and rips your throat out with slimy yellow instant bfast teeth. he doesn't brush, just drinks all day.

ger to crass