Potatos? Potatoes? Potahtos? mmm, whatever

You don't have to be one of those damn drunken irishes to enjoy the savory yumminess of potat-ohs! (i honestly don't know the correct spelling and i'm too lazy to look it up, so i just made up my own way of spelling it!)

I used to think potat-ohs were so bad that i never ever gave them a try. They did not click in my mind as a safe food. Irishes are always drunk, and they always eat potat-ohs. People are dumb when they're drunk. They probably couldn't taste the dirt and the worms and the maggots on the potat-ohs. I don't want to tast the dirt and the worms and the maggots on the potat-ohs. So i tried to steer clear.

Ah, but when you mash them it cancels out all the drunkardness and the strange insects. There was a time when all i consumed had that magical vegatable in it. Scalloped or fried or baked or eaten raw if your desperate and lazy, it's all good.

I can relate to that drunk little leprachaun chewing on cereal day after day. It's okay, Lucky, I've been their too. Somebody please give him a potat-oh. All them magical marshmallows are no good for the pancreas. Luckys drinking habit has eaten away at his liver. He needs a firm grasp on all his other vital organs.

Ah, potat-ohs. Tis a good veggie ee es.

That was nice. Let's go.