Cookin' Cheap

I'm always hungry, but um. Sometimes i get so desperate for food i start getting creative. After eating my whacky food, my friends begged me for recipes. I was scared to tell them what was in it. Hey, them suckas eat meat! How bad can this be...

Homeless Popcorn

Put all the popcorn in your orange juice. You should have enough popcorn so it really looks like food instead of puke. Add sugar. And those little cream cups, mmm, since they're free you could put about 20 in the puke food. Add sugar cos it's good. Eat!

Snow Taco

I swear i saw this in a store once. Burn the marshmallows. I mean, you should set them on fire for at least 2 minutes. Spoon them into the taco shell. Sprinke with strawberry quik powder (you know, the one with the bunny) for a festive look. Add sugar cos, well, if you don't all you'll taste is taco shell.

Ramen a la dumpster

You have to be near death to eat this, though. Put everything together. Fry it, no really it's wonderful after you fry it. Add sugar. Add sugar to everything. Sugar is good.

water ice cream wit that caffeine kick

soak everything in milk until it look like a strange new kind of milkshake. Stir it all together. Freeze it for a day. Add sugar. mmmmm.

Ah, now i think i lost some friends.

Remember: sugar loves you! You love sugar! Eat it! And do not pass up anything free, such as ketchup packets, little cups of cream, duck sauce packets, blah blah. Stuff your pockets, people.