starbucks makes real good chocolate, and when its not stale, its the best. i hate graham crackers, and i used to despise chocolate. but now...

graham + dark chocolate = better than screwin on the hood of a nice warm porsche. i had this thing, this entity of ecstasy, while i was with my friend. so i start eating it while we are talking and all of a sudden my pupils dilate and i'm thrown full throttle into the ZONE!

it was swirling and there were leprachauns all around me shaking their heads yesssss yessss and saliva was pouring out of their mouths. i followed the drops of spittle into a vast sea and i almost drowned if it werent for a large purple flying lizard who sucked me into his scale and flew me to safety on a blue sand beach. he put me down on the sand and flew away. as soon as he hit the horizon, billions of tiny explosions went off and turned into what looked like fire works. the sparks came down in the shapes of butterflys that transformed into a pink elephant (that explains everything) and this elephant put me on his back and ran into the larg forest behind him were i met the leprachauns. they choked me with vines until i woke up, curled on the bench in the back of starbucks.

my friend thinks i'm a little off.

but see, thats beside the point. i like to lounge and eat food that makes me feel even more loungier. this starbucks choco is the exact replica of those lil pills the banditos sell on my corner. not like there's anything wrong with slipping drugs into food, cos almost all the food i like taste like it has mad amouts of columbian scarface in it and but thats just great. i see buisness cats in their all the time, them bastards with their laptops and their muffins. as uptight as them miya gone-ahs are, you gotta respect a suit on crack, you really do.

i don't like drugs, i dont smoke no kind of ganja, and their are no track marks on my arms. sneaky drugs are okay cos no one talks about them and you arent really ever sure anyway.i dont likes drugs but damn, the choco is good.