Food of the gods

mmmm... fruit roll ups

Last week i read my friends month old cosmo, and they had this completely gross story about a girl who did something with a fruit roll up. Let's not get into that. After showing my friend (her own magazine, ha ha ha) this article she said "i don't blame her. fruit roll ups are delicious!". Ah, flashback to early chilhood when i lived next door to my deaf grandma. She would hand me treats through the fence. Big brown bags full of junk food with a pear thrown in so i didn't get diabetes. I remember the days when all day i would eat fruit roll ups. Sometimes i would forget about the plastic and wonder why it was so chewy. ew.

My friend snapped me out of my trance. I didn't run, i vanished and reappeared at the acme with 5 bucks. Their was many different kinds of fruit roll ups but i chose betty crocker (she knows what a man wants, ask the girl in cosmo). Those damn dojiggers raised the price up to 3bucks, leaving me with only one box. I wish the mid-eighties were still here.

That night when all the thoughts perculated out of my head and i was at peace while watching conan, i tried the fruit roll up. Not only does it have a great art circa mid-eighties (the price changed, but the box remained) clashing colours box, but oh my GOD are they good! i finished the whole box of ten within ten minutes. conan didn't even cut to a commercial yet.

The sad part is reaching into the box and finding nothing but cardboard. I am an avid fruit roll up eater now. I love those things. I haven't tried any with the plastic still on yet.

If anyone has tried those "other" brands, tell me all about it!

see the old muffin thing

no plastic?