I love books like this: someone gets really sick. The doctors try to find out what it is. One doctor gets sick with the same thing as the patient. The smart one says "oh my god, it's a damn plague". Soon everyone has the damn plague. In a town not far away, there's a bionic man who sees his people dying off. He wonders around the street looking for bionic people. He finds a bionic chick. They go on a crusade to find a league of bionic people. All the bionic people then go to the site where the damn plague started. A mad doctor trys to infect the bionic people with the super damn plague he's been brewing. The mad doctor is an ugly man who is infected withh the damn plague therefore is even uglier then before but manages to live long enough for the bionic people to get there. He gets the bionic woman. She dies in the arms of the bionic man. One of the bionic league members remebers "Oh, yeah, i'm a doctor". They find a cure. Hark, too late. The bionic man is lonely forever. He returns hom to clear out the bodies in his neighbourhood. He finds his beloved dog who is seemingly alright. He hugs the dog while going "oh precious i missed you". While the dogs head is on his shoulders, you see the dogs eyes glow red, showing pure evil, a damn plague sequal, and a freaked out ending. The end.

What does this have to do with eboli? Ah yes. A plague show was on a few days ago. All kinds of stories about mysterious plagues roaming the earth gave me an idea: Oh no, what if this really happened? What would people do if their neighbour or friend got a strange illness? What if that strange illness was eboli? I know what would happen... musical! Here is my eboli musical, sung to many different Queen songs.

(i'm skipping around bohemian rhapsody)
Dying Man: I have e-bol-i no-body loves me
His akward hick survivor daughter: daddy-o daddy-o
you're all pur-ple and pus-ee
Bionic man at window: You're a sur-vi-vor, do you want to trav-el with me?
Daughter: Where you going?
Bionic man: I dunno
Daughter: Do i know you?
Bionic man: No you don't
Daughter: An-y-way, lets find the bionic... league
Bionic man+Daughter (now the bionic chick): ...league
Dying man, bionic couple: LEAUGUE!!
(kooky doctor in lab brewing super eboli)
Kooky: So they think that they're walking around al-i-ve
The damn plague just missed them
And left me to diiiieee
oh baby
gonna survive
Making some sup-er eboli
(army of bionic plague survivors marching to hospital)
(we are the champions)
Bionic #1: We are not dead yet my friend
Bionic #2:We'll keep on fighting this plague
Bionics: We are bi-on-ic we are BI-ON-IC
(looking at dead people lying around)
You're all dead
And rotting
But we are BI-ON-IC
(all suddenly at hospital, kooky doctor jumps out of nowhere sticking the bionic chick with a needle full of super eboli)
all: da da da, another one bites the dust
(back to bohemian rhapsody, see kooky slowly collapsing)
Kooky: Oh no, i just killed a chick
Put a needle in her arm
Sqeezed the thingy now she's gone
Now what is there to do?
I guess the damn plague is getting me too
bloods oooz-ing out of my heaad
(Bionic chick in bionic mans arms): So am i because of you
If i come back here at this time tommorow
I'm a zomb-ie
You guys got the wrong movie (mus-i-cal
(see bionic man walking back to his house)
Bionic Man: Nothing really matters Bionic man (non-musical): Now i am all alone...
(walks into his old house, looks around at the ruins)
Bionic man: all alone
Dog: woof woof!
Bionic man: Sparky, you're alive!
(Bionic man turns around while "you're my best friend" starts up)
Dog: wooof!
Bionic man: spark-y you have lived
You're mans best friend
(Hugs dog while "One Vision" starts up)
(dogs eyes glow red)

The End

Sequal? Hey don't push for it...It may be your dog!

(my eyes glow red)

what a quaere fellow