Get me cold and i'll fall asleep. It's the truth. I get so sleepy when i'm cold. I go into narcoleptic fits and fall over snoring.

But what's so wierd about it, and why i put this in the wierd section, is the way i dream when i go to sleep cold. First of all, in all my dreams i'm smoking these cherry flavoured non-cigarette cigarettes. Second, i'm always look way too bad ass for anyone. You know, like marla from the fight club (slide!). I got the junkie look way way down. Third, i ride this big harley around and make the old bearded biker grin in delight of a little 5 foot 110 lb chick in a slip dress smoking cherry non-cigarette cigarettes riding a harley. It makes me grin too. Wink wink. And in all my cold dreams, i stop my harley at every bar and kick ass. I get into some wild bar fights with flying chairs and punching of faces. Then after the fight was done, some hot guy would come in and see me standing amongst the mangled bodies. He'd take one look at my ass-kicking-machine self and just KNOW. The next thing i know he's on the back of my harley. Well, "harley".

When i'm hot i can't sleep that great. I have shallow dreams about being upset that i can't find the right shade of nail polish. I like those ass kicking dreams because that's how i want to be. But see, there's this thing called parents, and this thing called money, and this thing called being stuck in the middle of the desert with a harley that has run out of gas and you having no money cos riding takes up your life and therefore no job so you can't load up the hog and worrying about your ass when you get home. But at least i can dream about it. When i'm cold.

we're on a great big convoy