chucky... be afraid, be very afraid

Everything about my childhood was wonderful until i saw a commercial for "Childs Play". My grandmum had a collection of dolls. I couldn't sleep over her house after seeing the commercial. All those beady doll eyes staring at me while i was asleep waiting for the right moment to creep down the stairs get a butcher knife. Too much to bear.

Every time Mr. Rogers would bring his wooden dummy on his show i would run down the street to a neighbours house. I started the evil doll crusade. I would go around and get the nastiest freakiest dolls i could find. I would lock them in the closet so they couldn't torment the world. Of course i would steal their clothes first. I was a small child. I couldn't even pick the dolls up to put them in the closet. I would get a shovel.

This all happened just because i saw the commercial. When i saw the movie about 7 years later, it still freaked me out! A serial killer is killed and does some wierd voodoo trick to get his soul in a "good guy doll". This kid gets his mum to get him a so called "good guy doll" for his birthday. Okay, so she gets it out of an alley from a bum. S-M-R-T. Any person with common sense would think "Hey, maybe this doll has a serial killers soul in it!". Her son likes the doll a lot. He says it talks to him at night. He's already a psycho kid so people don't believe him. FOOLS! The lady is looking at the doll one day and, oh no, he's running with no batteries! The "good guy doll" suddenly turns into chucky. He chases the chick and her son all around, blah blah blah, they get cops, one cop sees evil chucky in action, blah blah blah, they see his old voodoo teacher who tells them how to kill chucky, after a few tries they do, the end.

Until *tada* the sequals. Plural. They're great sequals.... For me to poop on!

After really seeing this movie i was much more afraid of baby birds.