brain fall out

ew, you know the baby bird i seen? this is a lot worse. i seen blood and gore in movies, v games, books, porn, everything. it's so much ickier in real life.

me and shayna were walking back from the mall and there was a big scene. even with cops! so you know, big scene. lets go. when we got there ew all i saw was a few drops of blood and the horizontal feet of a person. with old lady shoes on. the rest was covered by cops. i turned around and ran like a bat on crack out of hell. i forgot to drag shayna with me and the poor girl saw the whole thing. she was deeply disturbed when she caught up with me. she said the lady was on he ground and there was blood everywhere and her brains fell out. chunky blood, man, CHUNKY BLOOD. i couldn't finish my 1.50 slurpee thing cos it was strawberry, it was all red and slimy looking. We had to take the long way to the train cos we didn't want to like slip on any blood or get in the way. i hate when people oggle injured folks and like just stand their and go "can i do something?" more than once. "are you sure, are you sure? i got a cell phone right here" what a cheap ploy. anyway, this dude was sitting on the bench with us and he heard us talking about it. he said he saw her, she had a siezure and she fell down on her head. that's so terrible. but i don't think her brains really fell out just cos she fell on the ground. maybe she was carrying some ground beef or turkey. or chicken, but i doubt they make that. it's gross and dead both ways. so i went home that night and my dad tried to make me eat spaghetti with ragu with mushrooms, and i puked. the end.

watch your step