Halloween 3: season of the witch

the movie soooo bad, it made me sob!

i watch every movie people warn me about. So when about twenty people warned me about this, i thought "damn! this must be rad!!". I walked into blockbusters last halloween and picked up this movie. As soon as i grabbed it, everyone turned to me and gave me this oh-man-i-pity-you stare. It added fuel to my fire. I was stoked about this movie and i ran home, flipped it into my vcr and dove on my couch. No popcorn! i know, that's how stoked i was!

Fast foward. The movies over. I slid halfway off the couch, foam was forming around my mouth and tears were streaming down my face. Never ever again did i ever want to hear "Three more days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Three more days till Halloween, Silver Shamrock".

This movie really is as bad as people say. I have just recovered enough to talk about it. Everyone knows that it's cool to worship everything that everyone else hates. But i can't worship this movie. I can't even remember it. Halloween 3 was soo bad, i blocked it out of my memory. All that is left is the friggin shamrock song. I do, however, faintly remember a doctor and a chick who go to a town full of workers who are like total slaves to this evil evil man who sold masks to kids everywhere, telling them to tune in at 7pm halloween night for a big giveaway or whatever, only to unmask this hideous flesh eating mask monster. AH! it's too much to bear. There is no mike myers getting stabbed by a barbie doll. I was wishing through the whole movie that he would appear out of nowhere with a coathanger. I wouldn't have to worry about that song.

I would much rather have the flesh eating mask unleashed on me than this damn movie! It's not the kind of bad you can laugh at, it is the genuine bad. It gives me that feeling that satan is stalking me once again.

Get ape-eee if you already haven't

danger, danger