a movie in a box with a squishy cover filled with blood is a movie you have to watch. fake blood, so wipe the tears. on the back it says "the family that bleeds together breeds together". a family who is banished from the world to a remote part of the atlantic for screwing cousin joe. nice!

this wierd bleeding guy goes to the island in search of his family and guess who it is! turns out all the uncle lovin turned these folk into mutated "grotesque creatures". they hide beneath the town that the island has turned into, then one day their food supply goes short. they come up town for some groceries. not even fat kids... glandular my ass... are saved from these things. they eat HUMANS! the townspeople are frantic cos they strat dropping like flies from these things eating them. duh.

it would be alright if they had, say, legs! parapeligic mutants eating off the hick town. nice. the guy somehow has like family instinct to satisfy his odd cravings with humans. he eats the kid right in front of his stupid blonde (of course) wife.him and his family go back underground cos they full. you see the bleeder guy going to his new bitch. his twin! twin, ew, i would have hoped these ugly no leggers would have learned their lesson. i sure did. do not judge a movie by it's cover even if it's squishy. this truly defines the phrase "nothing says loving like screwing your cousin".

the guy from bladerunners in it