don't tell anyone but i'm a natural blonde. now thats some controversy. when i was in ninth grade i had to dye my hair but the only thing i could use was sun in cos i thought i would get in trouble when my dad saw real hair dye. my blonde hair got blonder and blonder and all fried. but i'm not from south philly, i realized, and don't need cracker blonde hair. i had real dishwater blonde hair. real! to further myself from south philly girl stereotypes (btw i'm NOT from south philly, it's just a vendetta) i decided to dye my hair red.

i loves me some red hair but i used feria and it faded in like two days! i thought europeans were smart! now i figure if i dye my hair real real dark it won't fade away that easily heheheheh. i was a fool. i dyed my hair the colour of cherry coke and look, a month later its back to dishwater blonde. maybe i'm not doing something right. i need to cover up this blonde hair and never let it see the light of day again. i'm going to try 24day natural instincts blue black, and if i like it i will shovel out money for a real salon job. very grumpily though.

guys with blonde hair were everything to me back in my sun in days. now guys with no hair make me.... uh yauh. maybe there is a connection.