Doesn't it make you MISTY?

moses + monkey costumes + wierd one-liners + apey fun= Planet of the Apes

It was made in 1968, a year before 'the summer of love". I swear it pushed those hippies over the edge. It's a wacky movie... what do you expect when the star is moses? It has the most wonderful dialouge that you will be quoting years to come. As the name implies, it's apey. The apes are so creepy looking. They look like apes in a way, but something does not compute. I think that it's when they talk, they're makeup kinda moves with it. They speak just fine. How they know english is beyond me. I think i might have missed that part. They wear these hideous couch like robes. Will someone please tell them to stop taking fashion tips from moses?

There was so many spin offs of this movie, but i think the first one is the best. The story starts when these four people are on a spaceship. They wake up and they find the chick dead and old and wrinkly. They try to land but they crash! ha ha!, Taylor, is like "we're in the year 3???(if someone remembers, mail me! it's driving me nuts!)". What an idiot. They go out and explore all the land. You can't plant anything in the soil and that makes taylor even more pissed than usual. They explore some more. Oh hark, what is this? A field of cavemen people! The gang join the cavemen people, enjoying fruit or corn or whatever it is they're eating, i forget.

Oh my god! Big apes on horses! What's this planet called!

cute couple:Cornelius and Dr. Zira

They capture the gang. Taylor was wearing this slick spaeman circe 68 outfit, but those apes made him wear cavemen outfits like everyone else. Good thing: the apes gave him a really hot cell mate chick. During his capture, his throat got damaged so bad he couldn't even talk. He tries to write notes to the apes but they pass it off as him mimicking them. He's REALLY pissed now. He tryed to escape, but those damn apes caught him. Has he no luck? He finally speaks, and it's good too; he's like "Take your stinkin' paws off me you damn dirty ape!" Then, my favourite couple, Cornelius and Dr. Zira, start to believe Taylor. They're like 'oh wow, he's smart, but he's dirty!". They try to get taylor and the chick free. But noooo, the council doesn't believe him. Stupid Dr. Zaius.

Zira and cornelius (aw) help the two escape. They lead taylor to the "forbidden zone " (oooh) where the remains of an old human civilization is. Taylor finds a doll.... and it talks ENGLISH... or apish! yeh! Stupid Dr. Zaius send his militia men ater the crew. Blah blah blah, blah blah, blah. Dr z agrees to let Taylor and the chick go farther into the "forbidden zone" (ooh) but not before Taylor asks Zira if he could kiss her. She's like "But your so damn ugly!" (i'm not making that up). So they go into the zone and Taylor..... OOH! my micro fries are ready!

This film is campalicous and i recommend it to you with all my apeish charm. For an extra treat, Buy cornelius "fatasma" and listen to the cd during the movie. Oh, what a great cd it is.


Great pictures, funny captions

Well, At least they haven't tried to bite us