workin fo de mon

Every night and day. People are selling out to the man! More and more. Just doing stuff because they are so brainwashed they think that if they don't they'll crumble into a hill of salt and blow away in the wind.

I saw fight club in the theaters a few months ago. So, yeah i've been pretty obsessed with the MAN. We restrict ourselves sooo much that whenever someone offers us a kind favour we decline. If we do take the item up for grabs, it's a totally useless favour. If someone offers you a ride home, for example, people say no cos it's a hassle to the other person. If i offer smoeone a ride home i feel like going out and i'm using them as a cheap ploy to enjoy the view. But if i offer you some pie that i'm trying to get rid of, you hate the pie, you say yes cos your trying not to hurt my feelings. I know it's a sucky pie, it'll be tossed anyway. I'm using you as a cheap ploy to throw my poopy pie out.

So think for yourself, go with the flow, don't try to be nice to others if you know it'll backfir on you.


GO BACK! for YOUR own good