Don't just stare at the pretty buildings. Yes, they are tall, taller than YOU (heh heh) no, they WON't fall over (i hope) Peopl probably DID jump off them, but ponder this at home. When you look up at building you either a) come to a complete stop b) swerve around like you had a few too many, you damn irish drunk or c) slow down and crouch for god knows what reason. And you do this without knowing it. You look like an idiot. Please, get out of the way.

There is an unspoken law about the lanes on the sidewalk. Really slow people walk near the buildings. The average pacers walk in the center. The good ones walk towards the street. If you get in MY lane i will push you out of the way. If you holler at me i will kick some slow arse through all the lanes out into the street, across the street, down the next few blocks, and into the nearest pot hole or anything that looks abyss-y.

If your on the bus, don't stand in front of the doors. People can't jump out of the windows. The doors are used for exiting, not standing in front of and gawking at how fast things go by when the bus moves. You have to get out of the way, man.

In the hallways at school go to the designated talking areas (you know, the commentary, it's roomy. You can breakdance with no problem!) Don't hold everyone up to tell your friend about the bug you dug out of your scalp yesterday. WALK!!