Saliva: the less chunky version of puke

Kids around my neighbourhood track down the helado de coco truck during summer. They get their pennies together and like sell their dog cos they're so desperate. How about saving that money, kids, and learn how to swallow your spit!! While they're eating the waterice, they don't swallow. They let the spit run out of their mouth into the water ice. They think it will blend. No one will notice. Well, guess what.... I do. It's kinda hard to be an observant person around these kids. Huge saliva strings are hanging down from the mouth, the water ice starts to turn slimy from all the spit. It's disturbing to see someone eating their own spit. Yeah yeah, it's natural and all to eat your own spit but only if it remains in your mouth while you swallow it. Once it comes out of your mouth, you do not put it back in. That's not normal.

I've seen animals walking around with saliva strings hanging down from their mouths. Animals also lick their arses and eat food off the floor.

Satan spits while he talks. Acid rain! Ew! I suppose he can get away with it cos, um, he's a few crumbs short of a cake. But people who spit while they talk are completley different from satan and his acid rain. There is no exscuse. Swallowing your spit will not harm you in any way. If i step in your spit i will get your germs on my shoes. Germs travel really really fast. They'll crawl up my legs! on my arms! in my mouth! I'll puke! If i were to puke, all of you spitters would complain.

You arsehole spitters don't realise that spit is the lesser form of vomit. Add some colour and big chunky potatos to it, and there you go. If you spitting up mucous, ah ha ha, just add the colour. So the next time you spit... think. Is it rad to puke it public places? Only in New Jersey.

Ah yes, the only rad barfing things are the garbage pail kids. They had a movie in the 80's, you know! I loved it.

I feel so ill now. All this crazy talk... *blah*.

go go go go now