i hate many people. as you might have noticed all of my kvetching stories have been about people. so i began to wonder, what did those people ever do to me? just because they laugh at every thing they hear, just because they think jumping up and down will stop them from getting pregnant, just because they've never heard of vagrant story till their boyfriend/slave driver got it, does this make them a bad person?


common stupidity makes me feel like beating people like they're a toddler on the street, but oh well. some stupid people are actually very nice! I know this stupid guy who was beaten up a while ago by, well let's just call him large testicle small dick. when two stupid people fight it's hard to take sides. except i hate large testicle. i always have. the stupid guy has a few things the large testicle does not have... his genitals are in proportion AND stupid guy has SEX APPEAL!!

I don't call large testicle large because he's skinny. he's really fat, if he was cut he'd bleed gravy. large testicle smells real bad, he looks like an ogre, he talks about people behind their back, and he's just one no class small dicked loser. stupid guy wasn't that attractive to me at first. this is we're his sex appeal comes in, cos (almost) anyone can look good but they can never woo a sour bitch like me.

stupid guy is adorable. he's like a little bunny rabbit. he slophs around in big jeans and talks with a little cute i just hit puberty look at my new hair voice. but under all that cute precious moments statue charm is a guy who stares at my ass everyday, a rabid cujo sex monster ready to gnaw my clothes off with his teeth while i douse myself with yellow paint. water! water! oh uh, so see the difference? stupid ugly people get nowhere, but stupid sextacular nymphos will get lay-ed!! was that the moral? oh well.

from the back... i mean, uh