how i earn my money...

i like people when they give me money. sometimes i pay them back. soemtimes i get all nice and take em out, get some funnel cake. but nothings better than getting money that people give me without me asking. and that is why i love my new college, and look at all this knowledge! my brain is now ass (pun?) big as my big, yet soft and subtle, booty.

some cats say theyll give me the cash when i actually, you know, open my eyes while im in class. they can all take a portion from the booty of life, cos like uh i have more important things to do. for them i say, in these exact words, mucka bucka! yous (plural) think i'd be worth like twenty spots if i were to actually let me ears be brutalized by the utter stupidity of a class that will have no effect on my creativity and how i use my vision to distort replace reject and colourize. everything i learn now is so contrary to what my parents learned its like ten years and ill be considered a dope anyway. not like any of that shit is real. ive heard stories from people who have been involved and its nothing like what im taught.

however, i still love my english class even tho my english is like through the walls. look at this mess. but i guess thats what english fours for.

so. rant and rave all i want. still gives chris murianka no right to go around to all the classes in my school and like "christines failing all her classes. shes gonna lose her scholarships." mmm, its everyones buisness, i see. fail to mention, among other things, i said back in september this sat shit is over with and like give me an art class, joe. and what classes am i failing, bitch? yours? like its gonna do me any good.

let me swallow my tounge for a second cos im all worked up.

and so the moral of the story is: i'm suing for slander... as soon as someone gives me money to buy myself a laywer.

damn you jonny cochrane!

legal updates comin soon