how much is the booty in the window

i work at a ice cream store. muh ha haa. but you knew that already. what you don't know is my approachable good looks attracts some wierd crumbum guys. oh, maybe you do know that.

the ice cream selling days are over and my boss laid me off (bastard!). since i haven't updated in a decade i gotta lay it all across for you in a story i call "ice cream is no metaphor".

because oh them guys in my neighborhood think they can just point to a girl and she'll..practically have to. isn't that nice? me and friends always got stories of jerk assies getting out of their car while its still moving to try to pick us up. yes oh yes it has escalated from simple cat calls from the passenger side. damn tlc. but anyway you'd think you'd be safe inside a brick and mortar building right? then your no better than the crumbums i speak of.

i toil in 112degree (maybe celcius, the thermometer doesnt say) to make fools bannana splits and sundae and waterice, theyre really happy when they see it and dont stop and look at frazzled hair foaming at the mouth juice and bee covered me. their happiness comes at a price. while they may be enjoying all that ice cream the fat starts to clump on they thighs and the money in their wallets stars to vanish. mmm. and the crumbum guys see their biches being like that and look for love elsewhere. mmm. so enjoy it while you can, cos i always get the last laugh. unless you actually remember my tip, in which case i will give you an extra cherry. now thats a metaphor.

anyway back at my story, guys will stop their cars in traffic IN TRAFFIC and try to talk to me and i'm like your not even buying... anything! and that makes sense cos either they broke or so cracked up that they don't know where or what money is.

now your probably saying but miss chrissy why is that? blame it on music cos either they listening to some pull over that whoo to fat or some i did it all for the nookie. or both, jebus help us! so i say that a decent man would listen to music without words, and a decent girl wouldn't do a booty shake to it. at least, not while a crumbum is behind her. and that's the end of my tale.
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