Have a nice day! *sigh* your leaving so soon? I don't want you to waste your time going to boring, useless sites. Here's all the best sites i've ever came across...

feminism and anti censorship.... go there!

Choice nuf said

Feminist Majority Foundation

feminist.com complete with Q&A's with Gloria Steinmen

National Organization for Woman

Institute for global communications

rock out censorship

refuse and resist

feminists for free expression YEH!!

FAIR media watch group

Femi Links better then mine

and here's the places i go to when i'm not fighting those damn republicans...

(music links...)


Cornelius!!Aw! i think he's adorable. i just want to go "do do do" and crumple his hair.

shock me sane, baby tori amos. the goddess herself

All is full of Bjork if one of you suckas knows where that cute bjork (in cartoon form) picture is, please tell me!

madonna *sigh*

lo fidelity allstars

tool they're rad!



blur's trimm trabb l-o-v-e en espanol

chemical brothers


the greenest fields this made me feel so special!!

F.U.K i'm a sucker for abbreviations

Erics Tokyo World cos everyone knows that tokyo is the classiest place on earth

The Matrix I've seen this movie 9 times. once more and it'll be divisible by five.

Perfect Blue must...see...movie

Vampire Princess Miyu For now, this is my favourite comic.

The Society for the Appreciation of Ukyou, Cuteness Embodied I almost cried when i first went here cos it's absolutely perfect!! she's cute.

Chick Click where all the cool sites go. Squiffy Ether Jag is inspiring.

Blood and Guts are Spewing Everywhere Be warned: some of the pics on this site made me cringe. I heard that a lot of these are fake. They're all gross. my cult

Baby doe is obsessed great minds think alike.

The goddess of all the web:Blair They inspired me to take up breakdancing and to wear sneakers again after years of wearing hideous platforms. I always play "Gay or Eurotrash?" when i'm downtown. They just released #6, and "genius" is all i have to say about that. I wrote via snail mail for the blair stickers, not only did they come a week later (perfectly timed), Richard wrote me a little note about the portraits of him and brian i did on the envelope. Don't they rock!!

I'll stop here. You'll be at blair for a while, so don't get your panties in a bunch. More to come...

Go to here now, monkey boy