If you know me, you've heard me complaining about this everyday for the past few months or so. What started out as a normal friendship turned me into a stalking victim. The saddest part is that after this whole thing, i fail to do what i used to do best: no no no, no, not that... stalk! I feel terrible waiting(stalking) for my petty little crushes anymore. It is all because of Mr. Evil himself.... satan.

It is a terrible thing to say about a person, but i swear it's true. I know he's satan. Besides the obvious blah blah blah he looks like satan, he walks, and hop as he walks. It looks like at any time huge monstrous red satan wings will shoot out his back and he'll take off. He has his arms crunched up to his chest like Mr Burns. He spits on me everytime he talks. Satan. Oh man.

It's not really how he looks that bothers me. I have lots of wierd looking friends. He would hang around and talk to me, which was fine. Then he started popping up at my bus stop. I noticed how he kept repeating the same subject everyday. It was funny the first time he said "I know why they call it an "A" stop, cos it's A stop! har har!", but by the 5th time, it was weak. The next day, he would say the same thing but add "I know why they call it a "B" stop, cos it B a stop. HAR HAR HAR!". After that, He would try to make a wierd name for every stop in the alphabet.

I got annoyed. I told him politely (i said politely, don't flame me) that i would like to be alone in the morning because of the terrible migraines i get. It wasn't really a lie. He gave me a headache. But he didn't listen! He would talk about migraines! My friend would see him at my train stop at 8:00, when i would come at 9, he'd be there. Waiting for me.

He would be there after school, too. I tried to come home later, but he'd still be there. Once i arrived at the stop at like 6, that day it was pouring so hard i could barely see, and guess who's there? He was outside every class i had. I got scared. So i freaked out on him. I told him exactly how i feel and he said "oh but christine, i like you christine! don't you know that i like you christine!" I avoided him like the eboli virus. He still followed me.

After months of him talking to a brick wall, he stopped. It was glorious. Maybe he got tired of me being ignorant (he asked one time "why do you talk to everyone else but me?" duh) or maybe he found another person to stalk. Poor thing.

Moral of the story: People like to talk to other people. People do not like to be stalked by other people. If satan reads this, then i hope he figured that out. no no, not the real satan. just a look alike