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Welcome to our Friends' Fanfic page!

Hi ya'll! Welcome to A&E's Friends' Fan fiction! And no, A&E is not a television network, it stands for Amber & Emily, two totally dedicated "Friends" watchers. We have both written some fairly decent alternate reality (You know... the way it could have happened) fanfics, and we hope that you read them all, and enjoy them!

Oh yes... and I am also required by law to tell you that we don't own any of the Friends characters... They belong to Bright/Kauffman/Crane productions. *sigh* Maybe one day, far far away... they will belong to us... but we can only hope.

6/21/00- Wow! It's been a LONG time. I'd really like to thank all the visitors we've had and all the nice responses we've gotten. I'm happy to say (I guess) that Amber has FINALLY written her sequel... but she isn't entirely happy with it... but we'll see.

Happy reading!

Amber's Fanfic (note: None of these stories are related to each other, unless otherwise stated).

TOW Phoebe Writes a Play
Season 3- Phoebe decides to give up music for a career in play writing, dragging the rest of her friends down with her. (PGish)
TOW A Lot of Oh My Gosh's
Season 4- Monica is depressed about her lack of a boyfriend, and is so desperate for male companionship, she accepts a date with Joey. (PG-13)
TOW The Trip to the Middle of Nowhere
Season 4- Sequel to TOW A Lot of Oh My Gosh's- Perhaps a road trip is what is needed to ease everyone's frayed nerves. Perhaps not. (PGish)

Emily's Fanfic (note: none of these stories are related, unless otherwise stated).

TOW All the Kissy Noises
Early season 4- Rachel and Phoebe make fun of Monica because they believe she likes Chandler. Joey makes fun of Chandler for the same reasons. Joey deciedes to settle it with a game of spin the bottle; a wager is made; Joey stars in a commercial. (PG)
TOW Hawaii part 1
Season 5- The friends jump on their oppourtunity to go to Hawaii, but the trip brings fun and turmoil. Ross and Pheobe are hilarious. (PG)
TOW Hawaii part 2
The second in the series, this episode is just as funny, and good continuation. Phoebe's role is still very funny as is her ability to annoy Ross. Chandler & Monica? Let's just say aaaawww. (PG)
TOW Hawaii part 3
The conclusion to the trilogy, it is consistent in humer and in surprises. Look for a HUGE surprise ending! (PGish)
TOW the Dancing Broom
Season 5- Monica and Chandler are very smitten with each other, but the friends decide it would be fun to tease them about it... but C&M get their payback in the end. (PG)
TOW The Potato
Season 5- Joey is auditioning for a role on ER, but he must send in a commercial, with him as the star. Leave it to Phoebe to take on the project; Monica is tired of being labled "the funny guy's girlfriend (Chandler)"(PG)
TOW Chandler's Shirt
Season 4- Phoebe needs a new singing style (for some reason, the other one doesn't seem to be working too well); Monica feels obligated to wash Chandler's shirt... for futher detals, read on. (PGish)
TOW The How You Doin's (sequel to Chandler's shirt)
Season 4- Pheebs & Ross enter a contest; Joey's has pick-up line problems, and Chandler & Monica "resolve" their current situation. (PGish)

Well, that's all the fan fictions for now. I hoped you enjoyed reading them, because we really enjoyed writing them. We will be writing more all the time, so check back often.

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