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Forbidden Planet Links

Here are some Return To The Forbidden Planet links - give them a try!

Also here are links about my home town, and the theme park that I work at.

My God I know that face! It's Prospero, who fifteen years ago this very day defected to the side they say. No more amazement, tell your piteous hearts there's no harm done.


Go Somewhere Else!

Return To The Forbidden Planet, Rock'n'Roll & Musicals

Official Forbidden Planet Website
South African Forbidden Planet Website
Official From A Jack To A King Website
Buy the soundtrack at
Official Chicago The Musical Website
Fifties Web - anything you want to know about the 50's!

My Home Town & Where I Work

Aldershot And Rushmoor
Thorpe Park, Chertsey
This is my friend Michael's Thorpe Park Site
Meet the Thorpe Park Rangers, they welcome you today!

Links To Friends' Websites

Lisa's Website
Yelena's Website - Also click the banner above
Stanman's Page Of Coolness
Jessica's Website
Criston's Website
Asuk Computer Website
Kylie's Website - Yes, even my dog has a website!
John's Weird Site - This is one talented guy, check out his song