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Holiday Of A Lifetime

Year 2125: Take a holiday to the new Mars development.... back in 1995, the seeding of Mars to create a lush paradise was thought to take one million years but early in the new century scientists brought this timeline down to just 100 years and today we have a flourishing Mars colony in the midst of this development. The Verdant forests, where giant redwoods already reach over 50 metres high, have grown at the edges of extensive Martian equatorial plains. These plains lead to the volcanic Tharsis region where volcanoes reach heights of up to 24 km. By travelling south of the equator you will find a vast system of canyons known as the Valles Marineris. The Grand Canyon cannot compare to these gaping chasms of Mars.

THE TRIP: Your fortnight-long holiday will comprise two three-day tours to the volcanic and canyon regions. During this time your comfort is attended to in every detail. The all-inclusive price of 25,000 earth units includes shuttle flights to the moon where an optional moon walk can be arranged. After a two-night stay on the moon, the orbital transfer vehicle (OTV) will take you to the Mars colony. After a day to rest and become acclimated to Marsí lighter gravity, travellers will set out to the volcanic region for an exploratory visit. A colony scientist will be on hand to point out and explain how Mars is being developed. Upon returning from this trip, travellers will have a day to mingle with the colonists and discover what itís like to live permanently on Mars. The following evening the group will depart on a trip to view the sights offered in the canyon region of Valles Marineris. This three-day trek will culminate with a microlight flight over the widest point of the canyon system where three parallel canyons merge to create a 600km wide chasm with a depth of up to 7 km.

I was working in my lab late last night when my eyes beheld an evil sight. For my monster from his slab began to arise, and suddenly to my suprise he did the mash! He did the monster mash!


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