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Awards Page

Thanks to all the people who have given me an award for my website - please take the time to visit their sites also by clicking on the awards. Thankyou!!!

Thanks To Kyle, this was my first!

Thanks Lisa for this!

To apply for this award click here
Http://      Good

Thanks to Simon for this one!

Click on me
Oceanboy's Cool

Many thanks to pAbLo for my fourth award

Thankyou to Yelena, her site is superb. Visit by clicking on the award, or on her banner on my links page.

Cheers to Paul for this rather large award! He has just started a site and reckons it is gonna be better than mine - well, only time will tell!

My robot seems to have run off at the mouth! This rolling coke can better watch his step or I'll be forced to take his spark plugs out!

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