My Sisters Slumber Party

The oldest of my sisters, who is a little over a year younger than me, used to have a lot of sleepovers with her girlfriends. Our house was quite popular with her friends, as our parents were divorced and my mother was known to have a drink or two on the weekends to forget her troubles; i.e., my sister and her friends could "party hearty" and do pretty much anything without fear of reprisals. I too would also take advantage of this situation, although to a lesser extent. At that time, I was less socially active than my sister. That was about to change after one of my sister's slumber parties... Ever since I can remember, I have always been attracted to women's feet, and particularly liked the idea of tickling women's feet. Even as a small child, I would fantasize about tickling some girl's feet, and making her laugh and giggle. I remember going to the drive-in when I was 3 or 4 years old, and watching a Disney movie (of all things!), and of being totally entranced by a scene where a group of chimpanzees were tickling the feet of a woman while she was asleep (_Monkeys Go Home_, BTW). From then on, many of my childhood fantasies revolved around tickling girls' feet while they were asleep, making them laugh and giggle in their sleep until they woke up. After puberty kicked in, these fantasies became more sexual in nature, such that when they woke up, they would be horny from having their feet tickled, and we would have wild, gratuitous sex afterward. At the time, I thought that, unfortunately, it was probably only fantasy on my part, girls probably didn't get off on having their feet tickled. Anyway, one Friday night, my sister had a slumber party, where about five of her girlfriends came over. My sister and I had what you might call a tumultuous relationship. As toddlers, we were quite close. As she got older, she would go through periods of rebellion against our Mom, and some of this would get deflected towards me, as I was the oldest and the only boy; and with my parents divorced, the unofficial "man of the house". These periods of amiability and tension between my sister and me were reflected in her friends, as well. Some of them liked me, some of them thought I was a "creep". At the time of this event, my sister and I were somewhat on speaking terms, although she'd be quick to turn on me. Of the friends who were over for this slumber party, maybe 4 of the 5 liked me. Some of my sister's friends were okay looking, some were quite cute, and one or two were knockouts. Friends of hers from all these categories were represented that night. "Lynn" was tall and lanky, with long, straight dark hair, and on the whole was OK looking. "Nancy" was kind of cute, about 5' tall, with short blonde hair. She was just a little plump, but she had a nice set o'tits (sorry ladies, hope I don't offend :) ) which made up for her somewhat stocky build. "Jennifer" was also cute, about 5'6" with medium length brown hair. "Debbie" fell into the 'knockout' category, with long blond hair and a great figure. Unfortunately, she was the one at the slumber party who didn't have a high opinion of me, and was typically a *royal* bitch at school to me and my friends. In retrospect, I think my sister used to hang out with her because she thought that Debbie was more "in-crowd", something my sister always aspired to, but didn't quite make. "Maryanne" was my favorite, was about 5'2", dirty blonde hair, cute face, *nice* tits, and beautiful, if not especially long, legs. Maryanne lived nearby, and had been friends with my sister the longest of the girls there that night. She was in fact staying the week with us; her parents had gone away for the week, and they arranged for her to stay at our house. She and I had always gotten along well together; but it had always been more of a brother/sister type relationship than anything romantic. Of course, over the years, I had opportunities to see my sister's friends' feet, and even got to tickle them now and again, like during trips to the beach, with my sister's friends all laid out on blankets, their feet all pointing in the same direction. Or during earlier sleepovers, if we were all together watching TV, and one of her friends feet happened to be within reaching distance. Of course, I tried to keep this low-key, so as not to make any of her friends suspicious. By the time of the slumber party, I had a pretty good idea of which of my sister's friends liked me; which had pretty feet; and, most importantly ( IMO :) ), which were ticklish. I had many fantasies of tickling my sister's friends' feet, especially of catching them when they were asleep, such that I could see what kind of reactions I could get from them (toe wiggling, giggling in their sleep, etc.), without their knowledge. That Friday night though, I tried not to think too much my sister's girlfriends or their feet. I had actually planned to go to bed early that night. I was (and still am) an avid fisherman, and the next morning was opening day for the fishing season. I was supposed to hook up with a friend of mine at 3:30 the next morning. He was a little older than me, and already had his driver's license. Our plan was to drive to a stocked reservoir about sixty miles away and do some trout fishing right at daybreak, when the season officially started. I could tell when I went to bed at 10PM that my mother had had a few herself; for one thing, she had polished off a whole bottle of Andre's Cold Duck (her 'poison' at the time; a sickly sweet beverage IMO). I knew she would sleep through whatever noise my sister and her friends made. The slumber party was held in a finished room in our basement, which we used as a playroom for us kids. My bedroom on the first floor was right above this playroom, so I could hear a good deal of what was going on downstairs. Mostly, I heard laughing and talking. They talked about school, they talked about boys (for whatever reason none showed up to this slumber party, which was lucky for me ;) ). Different boys were named, and rated. I heard my name brought up for review, by Maryanne, in fact (what a sweetheart!). Unfortunately, Debbie's comment, "Ewww!", was immediately followed by her stating, in a rather loud voice, that she thought I was a creep. She continued by saying that once she had caught me trying to look up her skirt, how she couldn't imagine anyone wanting to go out with me, and how she felt bad for my sister that she had me as a brother. What a bitch! In fact, I remembered exactly the incident to which she was referring. She had come over our house one afternoon after school, and sat down in a chair in the livingroom where we were watching TV. She kicked off her shoes and propped her feet up on a hassock, revealing her nyloned feet. I was sitting on the other side of the room, and happened to glance at her newly exposed toes. Although she was wearing nylons (nyloned women's feet have *always* been a particularly favorite turn-on to me), I noticed that her heels and the balls of her feet were callused, and that her big toes were much too big in relation to the rest of her toes (By far my least favorite foot-shape, but you may have a different opinion), which were all somewhat crooked, anyway. Anyway, I had just made this assessment when she 'deigned' to look in my direction, and caught me red-handed looking at her feet! Luckily, from her angle, it looked like I was looking up her legs to her crotch; hence her 'looking up the skirt' story. She gave me a dirty look, said "You creep" (no one in the livingroom asked her why she called me a creep, luckily. She had long ago made her opinion of me known), and turned such that her crotch (and feet) were no longer pointed in my direction. At the time, I felt it was better to be found guilty of crotch-staring than foot-staring! Anyway, after Debbie's pronouncement of my 'creepiness', my sister, who was always 'kissing up' to Debbie anyway (that in-crowd thing), also made some general disparaging remarks. However, some of the other girls spoke up on my behalf, especially Maryanne. She actually made the mistake of saying how she thought I was cute, which elicited derisive remarks from Debbie and my sister, saying '14 year-old' things like 'Maryanne loves ------', etc. (What is ------? It's my name -- Hey, why do you think they call it an anonymous server? ;) ). I eventually fell asleep listening to all this coming from below my room. I jumped when the alarm went off at 3AM. I quietly got up, dressed, got my fishing tackle, and walked to my friend's house. When I got there, I saw the lights on, and my friend was awake. Unfortunately, he wasn't ready to go. In fact, he said he got up to tell me that he wasn't going *anywhere*. He had gotten home with the car the night before way past his curfew, and his parents subsequently grounded him. He apologized and said that he didn't want to call my house for fear of waking up my Mom, so he decided to wait for me and tell me when I showed up at his house. No amount of talking on my part would convince him to go despite his parents' punishment, so I walked back home. I was steamed. There was no other place within walking distance that was worth fishing -- I *really* wanted to go after the trout in the reservoir. I got back home and entered quietly. I heard loud snoring from my mother's bedroom. I quietly went down into the basement to put my fishing tackle away. I saw that the playroom door was open, and I could hear snoring emanating from that room, too. Suddenly, my heart began to pound, my hands shaking just a little bit. Here was an opportunity that could *more* than make up for my missed fishing trip! I tip-toed over to the playroom door and peered in. A low-light lamp was on, giving a soft illumination to the room. There was a strong incense smell, no doubt lit by my sister to cover the smell of cigarettes. A couple of half-filled cups were on the coffee table, two empty bottles of sloe gin and a bottle of ginger ale beside them. My sister and her friends (and me for that matter) were in that phase of our teens when we started experimenting with alcohol. Somehow, someone would get ahold of some liquor, and the drinking would start. At the time, my sister & her friends were into Sloe Gin Fizzes, which even then I thought was a sickly sweet, "girlie" drink. (My friends & I were into drinking Schlitz 7 oz. "ponies" -- Ah, the old days when we didn't care how our beer tasted! :) ) It was now 4AM, and all five girls were sound asleep (yes, yes: my sister, who would make six, was sound asleep, too. But she is my sister after all, and she didn't count as far as I was concerned. Don't worry tho, you'll hear more about her in this story ;) ). The room was quite warm; although in the basement, the playroom had a radiator which gave off ample heat. In addition, the furnace was in the next room, which also gave off heat. I was glad, as I didn't want to freeze any of the toes I would be exposing! I momentarily thought of the risks of someone waking up & catching me, how it probably result in word getting around school that I was some kind of a foot-tickling pervert or something. But the temptation was just too much, and I entered the room, immediately almost tripping over our dog "Potsie", a Shepherd-Lab mix ( We named him Potsie from the show _Happy Days_), sleeping on the floor. I quickly recovered and started looking around, feeling like the luckiest kid in the world set loose in a candy shop, one with lots o' free samples to boot ;). I figured I try tickling each of them, and see if one of them would have 'wiggly' toes, and yet not wake up. NOTE: To those of you who didn't want to muddle through the prologue, the tickling starts here. There were two couches, one a fold-out. Debbie was on one couch; my sister, Lynn, and Jennifer on the fold-out couch. Maryanne and Nancy were each on air mattresses on the floor. Nancy was closest to me. I crept over to her and looked at her. She was lying on her back, and she was snoring rather loudly, her mouth wide open. She was covered up to her neck in an unzipped sleeping bag, spread out like a comforter. I always thought she looked kind of cute, and even snoring like that, she looked pretty neat. I slowly knelt down at the foot of her air mattress, and gently picked up and folded back the edge of the sleeping bag, revealing a pair of bare feet. They were somewhat stocky like the rest of her body, with wide soles and not especially long toes. Her second toes were just a hair longer than her big toes, and it looked like the nails were taken care of, so I thought they looked good enough to eat (or at least, tickle :) ). They had a somewhat strong aroma, though not putridly smelly; it was certainly not something that was going to stop me! I looked again at her face. She was off in dreamland, snoring evenly, no expression on her face. I reached my hands to her feet. They were warm to the touch. I started tickling under the curl of her toes. No reaction. I moved my tickling fingers to her soles. *Still* no reaction. With one hand, I tickled in instep of one foot, and the sides with my other hand. Initially, there was no reaction, but then, finally, her big toe twitched slightly. I tried the tips, tops, and bottom of her toes, none of which elicited any reaction, not even a hitch in her snoring. After a few minutes of tickling her feet, I decided to move on, and gently covered her feet again. I looked only for a moment at Debbie. Even in her sleep, she had an arrogant sneer, her lips slightly parted, her deep, even breathing almost coming out in a hiss (I thought). The couch was more of a short divan, such that her head was slightly propped up, and her feet hung just off the other edge of the divan. I always considered it the most comfortable piece of furniture in the playroom, having taken a few naps in it myself. I'm sure Debbie made sure she was the one who slept on it! Although her bare feet hung off the edge, with the blanket covering her only to her ankles, I decided not to mess with Debbie. I was truly afraid of her waking up and catching me, and besides, she had the ugliest feet of all my sister's friends, IMHO. I moved on. I went over to where Maryanne was sleeping, hidden on the other side of the foldout couch... I had actually previously had opportunity to tickle her feet whilst she slept on an earlier occasion (maybe I'll post it in another story). She had _very_ pretty feet, high arches, long and narrow, but not *too* long and narrow, with toes just the right size and shape, with the second toes a little longer than the big toes, the rest tapering down nicely to cute little baby toes Maryanne was on a mattress on the floor, and like Nancy, she had an unzipped sleeping bag as a comforter, although most of it was pushed off her body, exposing not only her feet and legs, but also revealing that she had on just a t-shirt and gym shorts, and little else. She lay on her back, one hand on her stomach, other on the pillow by her head, and with her mouth slightly open, she had a quiet, slightly whistling snore. She was wearing bright pink nail polish on her fingers and toes. I thought she looked beautiful. I stretched out at the foot of the air mattress and began tickling the foot which was dangling slightly off the air mattress. Ohhh, it was great watching her toes wiggle and her feet move and twitch under my tickling fingers! I was popping quite a woody watching the antics I was putting her feet through, with her unable to escape my exploring hands. This went on for a few minutes, when suddenly Maryanne moaned in her sleep. I immediately stopped and looked at her face. She was still sleeping and breathing regularly, but I noticed she had a slight smile on her face, and more importantly, I noticed through her t-shirt that both of her nipples were hard and erect. Hmmmmmm, I thought, could it be that she *likes* this? I continued tickling her feet, causing her to moan every thirty seconds or so. I was getting more and more aroused... Then three things happened at once. I climaxed, right there in my pants, at the foot of Maryanne's mattress. Maryanne's breathing suddenly hitched. And worst of all, Maryanne was now awake and looking at me! I wanted to die, right then and there. What little social life I had was now effectively ruined, I thought, and everyone, including members of my family, would know my little secret. These thoughts were rapidly coursing through my mind when Maryanne smiled at me and whispered, "What're you doing down there? You weren't tickling my feet, were you?" All I could do was stammer. Maryanne sat up and put her hand on my slightly (and understandably) feverish cheek, and said, "Hey, it's okay. It's okay if you were tickling my feet. Shhhhh". Maryanne went onto say that she thought there was nothing wrong with having a foot fetish. In fact, she said, she would let me in on a secret. *She* liked feet, too. She'd always liked having her feet tickled, as well. She said she had never told anyone before, for fear of ridicule. But she said she trusted me, and was flattered that I was playing with her feet. We sat there, talking quietly for a few minutes. What a unique situation, being able to talk to someone with whom I shared this somewhat unusual interest! Especially someone to whom I was quite attracted. I had never made a move toward Maryanne before, simply because she *was* one of my sister's best friends; how awkward it would be if I had revealed to Maryanne how I felt about her, and she rejected me, and be reminded of her rejection everytime she came to visit my sister! And we had always been friends, Maryanne and I, even when my sister was pissed off at me. I decided to take a chance. I told her that she of all my sister's friends was my favorite, and that anyone going out with her would be a lucky guy. She smiled at me, tentatively reached out & touched my hand, and said she always especially liked *me*, too. I don't know who kissed who first, but it happened, right there on that mattress with everyone sleeping around us. We cuddled for a little while, and then Maryanne asked the question: "So, did you tickle anyone else's feet before mine?" I hesitated, and thought "Oh well, easy come-easy go", and said "Well, uh, actually, yes. I tickled Nancy's feet." I quickly added, "But her toes don't hold a candle to yours. Besides, she wasn't ticklish at all -- her feet hardly moved at all.". "Oh, really?", Maryanne said. "Let me go see..." I couldn't believe my eyes. Maryanne went over to Nancy's feet, lifted up the sleeping bag, and tickled her feet. Sure enough, there was little reaction to her tickling. Maryanne then whispered, "Gee. That's no fun. How about we go tickle the others' feet? Everyone else drank most of the sloe gin. I bet they wouldn't wake up." Though having climaxed just a few minutes earlier, I was getting a big erection again (Ah, to be 15 again :) ). We went over to the fold out couch where my sister, Lynn and Jennifer were sleeping. We each grabbed a corner of the king-sized comforter covering them and gently pulled it back, exposing three pairs of feet. Maryanne was on the side where my sister was sleeping on her side. Maryanne started tickling my sister's feet, which slowly began twitching and wriggling (Some may ask -- what do my sister's feet look like? I can't really say. I guess they're kind of like mine, only more feminine - sorry I can't really describe them any better that! :) ) Anyway, I looked at the two pairs of feet in front of me. Lynn and Jennifer were both on their backs, sound asleep. Lynn, by far the tallest of the girls, had long, narrow feet (God, they had to be size 10's or 11's even then), sticking straight up at the very foot of the bed. Her toes almost looked like fingers, they were that long. She had toenails long enough to show quite a bit of white at the tip. I had plenty of room to maneuver my fingers under the curl of her toes. Her feet instantly jerked, so violently that I immediately stopped. Maryanne stopped and looked at me, some fear visible in her eyes. Jeez, what if we were *both* caught? The whole damn school would make us laughing stocks! But, Lynn settled down, and in a moment, she started snoring again. Neither my sister nor Jennifer moved. Nancy was still snoring big time, and Debbie was still hissing on the divan. see how Jennifer is." As it turned out, Jennifer, like Debbie, had feet where the big toes were a bit too large in proportion to her other toes, although her feet were smooth, her nails painted, and her big toes weren't as big as Debbie's. I tickled them for a little while, getting her big toes to wiggle and rub against the second toes. At one point, while tickling one foot on the instep, her other foot came over, and she scratched the tickled instep with her other big toe. Meanwhile, Maryanne was having fun tickling my sister's feet. While watching them wiggle, she turned to me and asked in a sly voice, "Gee I wonder if *your* feet do this, too?" "I don't know", I whispered, returning a leer. "But you've got all week to find out." "I won't wait the week", she promised. She was turning me on. Someone tickling *my* feet to wake me up! Wow! That'll be a nice awakening, I thought. Maryanne turned and looked at Debbie's sleeping form, her bare feet sticking off the divan, her long, beautiful blonde hair draped somewhat across her bitchy face. "I'm glad you didn't try to tickle Debbie's feet", she said. "She said some horrible things about you tonight. I tried sticking up for you, but then she turned on me, and your sister gave me shit, too." "Yeah, I could hear her from my room", I said. "And it wasn't true, anyway. I wouldn't touch her feet if you paid me", I said. "Besides being a bitch, I think she has nasty hooves, anyway." We both laughed quietly. After a minute or so, Maryanne's face brightened and she turned to me. "How would you like to pay her back?", Maryanne asked. She quickly explained her idea. Yes, payback would be a bitch, wouldn't it? I quietly went upstairs into the kitchen, and returned with a spoon and a jar of honey. Boy, I thought. This'll do _The Parent Trap_ one better! While I was gone, Maryanne had picked up a couple of pairs of pantyhose strewn about my sister's room. Debbie, as I said, was lying slightly propped up in the divan. Her feet, slightly apart, were hanging just off the edge of the divan. Her hands were limp by her sides. We had discussed tying her hands, but decided just tying her feet would be adequate. We carefully, gently, moved her feet slightly more apart, and tied each of them to a divan leg with the pantyhose. (they were quite smelly too, BTW -- Debbie's feet, not the divan legs! :) ) That done, I opened the jar of honey, and with the spoon, dripped honey over both her feet, such that it dripped on both the tops and bottoms of her feet, starting from the toes. Dripping gooey honey on her feet elicited no reaction from Debbie. She continued hissing through her teeth. Potsie had woken up when I went up to the kitchen. When I had returned, he had that look that dogs have sometimes that says, "Didja bring me anything?". Now, with Debbie's feet smeared with honey, I brought Potsie over to sniff her feet, and Maryanne and I sat on her air mattress watching, trying desperately to stifle giggles. Potsie, good dog that he was, decided that I brought him a treat after all. He started licking the honey off Debbie's feet. After a few seconds, Debbie's toes started to wiggle. Her feet started twitching, unable to escape Potsie's tongue due to the nylons tying them to the divan. Maryanne and I were in stitches. Then Debbie started *moaning*. "Mmmmmmmmm- Hmmmmmmmm Hee-Hee-Hmm", Debbie half moaned, half giggled. A smile came to her beautiful, bitchy face. Presently, we saw her hips move, which caused the blanket covering her to slip to the floor. Debbie was wearing just a t-shirt and panties. We immediately saw Debbie's erect nipples through the shirt, and a wet spot was forming in her crotch. Wasn't it ironic, I told Maryanne. Here I am, looking at Debbie's crotch after all, like she accused me of doing, but not because I wanted any part of Debbie *or* her crotch. Yes, payback could certainly be poetic! Debbie continued to moan and writhe in her sleep, faithful Potsie still licking her feet and toes. Maryanne and I suddenly heard movement on the pull-out couch. Lynn was apparently a light sleeper (good thing I didn't continue tickling her feet!), because she had woken up and sat up, trying to figure out what noise she was hearing and where it was coming from. She saw Maryanne and I on the floor, holding hands over our mouths to keep from laughing. She looked over at Debbie, apparently in the midst of a *very* erotic dream, with Potsie licking her feet. Lynn herself had to stifle a giggle. Debbie had started to finger her crotch through the panties. "How long has this been going on?", she asked. "Oh, only a few minutes", Maryanne said. "I told ------ what she said about him, and he came up with this idea", she half-lied. "This is too good -- We can't keep this just to ourselves", Lynn said. "Psst- Hey Jenn, wake up, lookit what they did to Debbie.", she said, shaking Jennifer out of her sound sleep. Jennifer awoke with a snort, luckily not waking up Debbie. Wow, she must want to stay in that dream, I thought. Both Nancy and my sister were still out cold. Meanwhile, during the moaning and fingering, Debbie's panties were getting quite wet. And her nipples were still standing out through her t-shirt. Suddenly, Debbie let out "Ohhhh, Tommie, fuck me now!", and woke up at the same time. "Wha-- What the fuck is this! I can't move my-- untie me!" Debbie saw and felt the dog licking her feet. "Get rid of that fucking dog!" We all roared with laughter. Maryanne said, "Why get rid of Potsie? I think he's the only male around here who'd want to have anything to do with your body!" "Honest Debbie", I said. "I wasn't looking at your crotch *WHILE YOU WERE FINGERING IT*!". More laughter on our part. "Hey, ------, maybe you'd better go upstairs before we help untie her", Maryanne said. "I'll come up later". She gave me a wink, and I ran upstairs. It was almost 6AM. Maryanne told me later that Debbie left in tears, almost as soon as she was untied. Neither Nancy or my sister woke up through this scene, although I'm sure they were filled in later (only about Debbie ;) ). We never did hear anything about it in the grapevine at school. I'm sure "Miss In-crowd" Debbie wouldn't have liked it known that she was seen playing with herself 'cuz she was getting off on a dog licking her feet! She never, ever again stayed over our house, either. She and my sister soon drifted apart as friends, which strangely (or not so strangely) corresponded to friendlier relations between my sister and me. And Maryanne? Yep, we started going out after that, experimenting with sex and having fun tickling each others' feet. Our relationship lasted pretty much up until we each went away to college. Maryanne & I no longer keep in contact. I think she lives in a different state now; the last I heard, "Maryanne" was happily married to someone she met in school. I may not be sure exactly where she is now, but I'll never forget her. Who knows, maybe she's out there on the net right now, reading this story. If so, I hope this brings back memories for you, too!