Some references I found about the

month of Rajab

Shaykh Abdul Qadir Gilani's al-Ghunya li-Talibi Tariq al-Haqq on the Excellent Qualities of the month of Rajab.


below is the du'a of the Saint of Rajab. to be read 3x daily.


Excerpt from Seal of the Saints by Shaykh Muhayyidun Ibn Arabi

Chapter 7 The Highest Degree of Walaya


….The next category, the name and nature of which are somewhat surprising, is the category of the rajabiyyun or 'men of Rajab', who number forty. They are so named because 'the spiritual state (hal) which corresponds to their station (maqam) is manifest in them only of Rajab, from the moment of the appearance of the he end of the lunar month.

They then lose this state until the month of Rajab the following year….In

some of them there survives throughout the year something of what they perceived (through intuitive unveiling) in the month of Rajab, while in others nothing of it survives at all. Shaykh ‘Ibn Arabi tells of the visit he paid ot he one of them at Dunaysir in Mesopotamia. This person, who is in the Durra fakhira as al-Khatari, had the singualr gift,……


complied by Muhammad Sajad Ali Qadiri-Noshahi