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Available Year Round

Improvisational Comedy

Every Show is different because every improv game is based on suggestions from the audience. The comedy is funnier because it is not rehearsed. This was such a hit as some churches that we were invited back several months later to do it again.

Great Preachers through History

The outstanding success of this offering has caused Dry Bones to make these speakers available year round as pulpit supply or special speakers. These famous speakers from history deliver speeches that they wrote and preached. Perhaps the next time your pastor takes a vacation, you could have one of these as a guest preacher.

The speakers available are:

John Bunyan: The Heavenly Footman The author of Pilgrim's Progress preaches on "So that ye may obtain" (I Cor. 9:24). This is an abbreviated form (approximately 20 minutes) of a sermon written by John Bunyan.

Fanny Crosby: The Life and Hymns of Fanny Crosby Though blind from birth, Fanny Crosby became the foremost hymn writer of her century. In this talk, Fanny tells of her life and the stories behind some of her most memorable hymns.

Sojourner Truth: Freedom A former slave, Sojourner Truth spoke powerfully for rights of women and blacks. This talk is mostly a collection of three of her more famous short speeches as well as an account of her visit with Abraham Lincoln.

Stand-Up Comedy

Dry Bones has a variety of stand-up comedians available. Dry Bones can provide for anything from a 15 minute after dinner speaker to a full evening's entertainment.

Confirmed Dates:

Robbie Wise, Young Master Magician

His magic is as good as his puns are bad. Robbie has been used by the Pittsburgh School District to teach enviromental issues through his magic. This is our best show for small children, but also great for adults.

Confirmed Dates:

Game Show

Play along with Dry Bones Productions versions of popular game shows. Try to guess who is the only one not lying in "To Tell the Facts". Win prizes in "The Cost is Correct" and laugh with some of your friends in "The Not-So-Newlywed Game". It's a chance to be a contestant or panelist on some of your favorite game shows.

Confirmed Dates: