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About Dry Bones Productions

  In Ezekial 37 (the old testament of the Bible), Ezekial has a vision of a valley of dry bones (bones with no flesh on them) and the Spirit of God asks Ezekial if these bones can live. Ezekial tells the voice that he doesn't know.

The Spirit tells Ezekial to tell the bones that they will live. And the bones stand up, and the muscles and tendons cover the bones, and finally the skin covers everything. But the bodies are still not alive.

Then the Spirit tells Ezekial to ask the wind to breath life into the bodies, and the bodies become alive and become a great army.

We used Dry Bones as a name for our production company, because we started with very little and hope to accomplish a lot, with God's help.

Dry Bones Productions began in the spring of 1997 to bring professional quality family entertainment to local churches and social groups. Many current movies, plays, comedy shows and concerts are not suitable for family viewing and are not enjoyed by a significant number of adults. Dry Bones brings G-rated, professional entertainment to your church or social club.