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Weird Al Yankovic
My Shrine To Weird Al

So, you`ve stumbled upon my little ole shrine to
the man known as Weird Al Yankovic. Aren`t you
the lucky one!! Well, below you`ll see a bunch of pix,
info on the albums and touring, and linx to other
Weird Al sites. It`s Weird Al Mania!!! Enjoy Kiddies!

Some Facts About AL

*Alfred Yankovic was born on October 23, 1959 in Lynnwood, CA
*His mother was pretty overprotective
*Because he lived across the street from his school his mother would often watch him
during phys ed to see if the other children were  playing to rough with him
*When he was young a salesman came to his families door selling
2 instruments : a guitar and an accordian. His mother figured that since
Frank Yankovic had become such a famous accordian player that there
should be one more Yankovic that should join the ranks of accordian playing
*He graduated valedictorian of hid High School at the age of 16
*Because of a guidance counselors suggestion, he went to college
for a degree in architecture
*In college he was known as the weird kid on campus. This is
where he received the name Weird Al
*He started writing funny music when he was younger and sent a tape
of himself playing his accordian and singing a song that he wrote about
driving around in his parents car, to radio personality Dr. Demento. The
good doctor loved it and played it on his show. He receivedmany requests
for it
*Weird Al made a live appearance on the Dr. Demento show where he and
Bermuda Schwartz performed "Another One Rides The Bus"
*Since then Al has released over 10 albums, had lots of appearances
on television, made music videos, hosts his own show on MTV a couple
of times a year, and had his own show on CBS - "The Weird Al Show"
*For more info on Weird Al Yankovic visit -

Last updated : December 28, 1999

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