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This is going to be my little page about the shows i attend...maybe someone
will be the least bit

Sunday March 12. 2000 - Zao/ Autumns Embrace...
     Saw Zao at Millvale Industrial Theater. The opening band, Autumns Embrace,
i liked a lot. i hadn`t heard of them before, and really liked them better than the
other bands there (cept Zao of course). The other 2 bands, Jumbo & someone else
(can`t remember who) were alright, but really didn`t hold my attention. Although
Zao were good, they only played 5 or 6 songs, and then i guess their drummer got
sick of playing and left, so they left too. It sucked. They didn`t play anything i
wanted them too. Hopefully the Casualties & Varukers show tomorrow nite will be
much better. I`m pretty psyched to see the Varukers.

Thursday March 16, 2000 -  Varukers / Casualties / Aus Rotten
        This was a really really good show. Aus Rotten opened up and played,
well, they played kind of long actually, but it was alright becuz i was there to
see the Varukers, and they were awesome!!! The casualties were obviously the
crowd favorite, i know i dig em a lot. All in all, the music was great, the
bands were full of energy and enthusiasm, the crowd loved it, and the mohawks
were plentiful...hehehe...

Thursday May 18, 2000  -    Zao, Autumns Embrace, Circle of the Dead
Children, Steel Curtain & The Great Eastern
This shows was like about as good as the last time i saw Zao...although
i must say that their drummer fuckin rox :) Autumns Embrace didn`t
hold my attention like they did last tme..mayeb i wasn`t in a hardcore mood
or something...anywho, steel curtai was & marc wanted to kill
the frontman...and circle of dead children sucked too...of course i`m not
really into satan worshipping, so i guess i wouldn`t like them...the
great eastern turned out o obe an old friend of mines band..they were all
right, i`m just not into emo needless to say i don`t think i`l
be seeing Zao again..i`ve been displeased each time i`ve gone to their
shows this year, and think i`ll just stick with their cds...although they
did play a full set this time...hehehe

Friday May 19, 2000   -   Vox Populi & The Apathetics
The Apathetics, Timmy C`s & Shawn`s band, played t DW`s
grad party tonite..they were pretty cool, although i thought
that if timmy c weren`t so drunk they would have done way better. Shawn
is awesome at te guitar, and they`ve got a better bass player now. Sorry aaron...
Now onto Vox Populi...This is Marty & Brandon`s am impressed.
I really didn`t think that Brandon could scream like guys
were freakin amazing and i really like their music a lot. Marty is a freakin
genius on guitar..and the fact that they didn`t have a bass player
didn`t hinder then in anyway what so ever. Good shows for their first
public appearance :~)

July 1st, 2000    -   Hatebreed
I think there might have been a show before this but i can`t remember
what is was, so oh well...This was a damn good show...the opening bands
kind of sucked...everyone thinks hardcore is korn and limp bizkit and
it kind of sux...but Hatebreed was awesome. Their guitars weren`t
turned up enough though and all i could hear was bass...but since i knew
all the songs it didn`t matter too much. I skpped Poison, Slaughterm
Cinderella and Dokken to go to this show...:(

Friday July 21st, 2000    -   Casualties / Antidote / Virus
Oh my God...what a good freakin show...there were 2 other bands beofre the
3 listed but i can`t remember them...but Wow...Virus were okay. Their
music seemed like they were trying to please every kind of punk style ; pop,street,
oi, etc...But only thing they had there to buy was
a i grabbed up ther very last one...i loved them soooo much...
and then the casualties were awesome as always. Jorge gave me a discount
on a cd so he`s my new weren`t as many people as there were
the last casualties show, but i think that might have been better anyway.
The misfits are on sunday august that`ll be me next show

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