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last updated remarks...


December 28, 1999     -         I`ve finally decided to update this page
for the first time in a really long time. I made some changes in the
rants, weird al, and linx section. This time i hope to keep it up.

January 15, 2000    -   So, we made it to the year 2000, and it`s still possible
for me to use this crazy computer. I think now i`m gonna make a page for what i
update...that`s a swell idea :)

January 16, 2000   -   Made page for update info, added another rant, fixed the linx
page up, created a banner for the site, gave a little makeover to the me i
need to find some graphics for this site

January 17, 2000 - Found a couple of little graphics, invested in a digital camara today,
so no doubt there will be a page added about my car! So, that`s probably whats next
in the land-o-cinder :) I think this site is looking a lot better since when i started, but
there`s still a lot to do

January 19, 2000  -   Whoo Hoo! Added another page - this one dedicated to that delicious
Doyle guy i`m so in love rid of the weird al page...and the pix page until
i can find some updated pix...going to wait until my car is washed before i take pix of it for
it`s page

January 20, 2000  -   I`m starting to think i may be a little obsessed with this site
anyway, i got rid of the punkrawk page today (snowstorm kept me in), and threw the punkrawk
column in the rants section - thats pretty much what it was anyway. Updated the linx look, still
trying to find some graphics for this place

January 27, 2000  -   I added some more rants, all political stuff, which is really quite amazing
that i even have an opinion on politics...hehehe...the car page isn`t gonna show up until i do something
with my wash i haven`t done anything to the unexplainable. But i think i`ll be
adding a page about wicca soon. It`s a really interesting subject that a lot of people don`t understand.
oh, yeah - Vote McCain!!!!!!!!   :)

January 30, 2000   -   Added yet another rant, so i think i`m gonna split them into some kind of
sections and make 2 rant pages becuz this page seems to be going on forever. I have something new
to say everyday. theres till something missing from this site that would make it really nice, but i have
yet to figure out what that is...maybe if i were completely done with it then it would be half decent.

February 24, 2000   -   I haven`t made any changes in a while, but i should have a bunch of free
time to do so soon....long story...but anyway, i think i`m gonna start going to shows again and
maybe i`ll make a page on shows that i attend and let you know what i think. But until then...
that`ll be next week cuz Zao is coming on the 12th of march...and it`s a $5 show so i should
be at that...and shutdown and all out war are i`m just rambling

March 9, 2000    -   updated the rants page with something about the McCain campaign, and maybe
if i`m lucky i can find someone to go to he shutdown/all out war show tonite...and maybe i can
scrape $12 together to go there...heheh...and maybe i`ll be able to find some change in the couch
to have enough money to buy gas too...speaking of gas...i payed $10 the other night for 6 gallons
of gas...hmm...i`m thinking we`re being ripped off majorly...oh well...

May 3, 2000    -    well, i did a little "spring cleaning" if you will on this site. added a pix section, but
nothings there yet. As soon as i get some film developed i`ll put some newer ones up...until then
i`ll just put my friends up there. I haven`t been to a show for ages, so looks like that page is
going to waste :(  But Zao is coming again on the 18th, so `ill be at that show to tell you how it went
this time :)  And then DKM is coming eventually. Well, i`ll try to update more often, but you know
how that goes...hehehe

May12, 2000       -     Updated the pix page...finaly got some semi recent pix. Peoples need
to start signing my guestbook...i dont care if it`s negative or not....let me know you were here!
Hey, wanna buy a car? 1995 Chevy Cavalier Z24 sports coupe...57k, pwr sunroof/windows/locks,
cd player, dual airbags, 16in premium rims & tires, automatic, fun, fast sporty car :)

May 28, 2000       -   added more pix, athough i`m sure it doesn`t really matter cuz no one
ever comes to here anyway. Hope i`ll have some more things to rant about soon...

August 3, 2000        -     I haven`t updated this for a really long time...sorry :(   Well, i`ve
been keeping myself busy with my boy...we`re completely in love and i`m actually moving
in with him August 15th...sooo....i`m not gonna have access to a computer unless i come back home
or i decide to buy one...which isn`t going to happen cuz i`m soooo broke...but anyhow, i`ll update
when and if i can as long as people still visit this page.


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