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Rants Page 2

WoW...This is Sick

Alright...ya know, trendy people don`t bother me. Nope...but there are certain
trendy people that the ones that say, "i`m a punk, i love the sex pistols,
AnArchy!!!"...*shudder*. This isn`t even what the rant is about...i just thought i`d throw in
that, cuz , well, it makes me mad...if you`re gonna be something then dammit know
why you`re doing it. anyway, heres the real rant...
I recently found out why people find it sooooo easy to just get something pierced (their
tongue in most cases). The piercer gives you the option of being numbed before you`re
pierced now...come on...if you can`t handle the pain then whats the point..."yeah, i got
my tongue it hurt soo much when they numbed it dude...but now i look
really cool, and i can get girls too!" Now, i`m not against people having piercings, i have my
share...but the people who do it so they can show it off make me sick...and now
everyone, and i mean everyone, are going to have something pierced becuz it`s not going
to hurt nearly as, when my next piercing comes along you won`t see me walking
out with half my face asleep. I just don`t understand it...whats the point of doing it
if you`re gonna be a fucking wimp about it?
And heres the other thing that irkes come people think it makes them look
cooler to show off their tongue piercings to other people with piercings? For example :
 Within the last 3 weeks i`ve had 7 people with tongue piercing walk into my
store, see my piercings, then flick their bars out so i can see
that they have it done. I don`t fucking care!!!!!!! When you do shit like that it`s
extremly obvious as to why you had it done in the first place - becuz it`s cool...
Geez...i had my piercings done as a sort of "i know i`m not a total wuss, i have the
strength to do this" kind of thing...and thats totally what it has remained. I don`t care
if i look stoopid or not...believe me, if i cared i wouldn`t have gotten my le bret done
a while back. So, all you trendite kids that think it`s cool to show your tongues

                           off to me, STOP IT!!!! I don`t care. And i don`t think anyone else does either.

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