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This is my little page about things
that i currently feel like going off on. So,
be nice and take a listen. Perhaps you`ll
agree with me :)

Down With Fred Durst

Back in April, a friend and I made a very long and tiring journey to New York City. We
were given directions to Queens, NY, where we were to take part in the making of a Limp Bizkit
video for the song "Nookie." We left at 3:30am and drove  for 8 hours to the Big Apple. I, of
course, had no clue how to get around this huge city, and basically guessed the entire time.
We were incredibly lost. Fortunately, we met 2 people who lived in the area and were going to be in the video too. So, they took us to the location, payed for our bus ride and everything.
Sadly, this was the only good part about the entire trip. The second we got there they split up the guys and the girls, so my new friend and i were on our own. Why do i say
on our own? Becuz we were the only chicks there that weren`t there becuz they were in love with Fred Durst. These 15 yr old`s were screaming for him to take his clothes off and stuff, and he was
ready, willing and able to!
Now, here are the reasons that i hate Fred Durst :
*He promised us free t-shirts
*He said we`d have a really awesome part in the video
*He told us that there would be kind of a big get-together
after the shooting, where we`d get to eat and drink, and
get autographs and other crap.
*He told the girls that our part in the video was
to be his "Homegirls"...when we left he told all
the guys that we were really his "hoes."

None of the free stuff happened.  He never signed anything for anybody, but the rest of the bad was quick to greet us and talk and sign things. DJ Lethal walked right up to me
and my friend and shook our hands and told us we were nuts for
driving so far...but we did it. And now, even though i never liked them before,  becuz of Fred Durst
I REALLY hate Limp Bizkit. The End.


Alright Kids. I`m a little confused with today`s generation of punkers. To me, they do not
symbolize what i think punk once was. Punks, not too many years ago, were united - "The Kids
United." But somehow things have changed where we can`t even get along anymore. Becuz of this
I`ve chosen not to label myself as punk anymore.
It seems as though that punks, or so they call themselves, have developed this attitude where they are comstantly competing against one another to prove who is the punkest of them all. This is
ridiculous. I don`t know how many times I`ve walked through the
streets of Oakland, and heard punks make comments on how other
punks were dressed. Calling these other kids posuers, and wannabees. It`s insane. And the whole " if I`m a chick punk, i have to be a bitch" thing has got to go. I`ve been told many a time how
happy people are that i`m not like those other punk girls becuz i`m not a bitch.
And, why, do you need to wear plaids, and boots to be allowed to
  listen to punk? In the eyes of today`s punkers you
cannot be considered a real punk unless you have on plaid pants, or
are wearing boots. And yet, if you do, they don`t accept you becuz
they think you`re a poseur. Why, can`t people just wear what they
want, and everyone else just shut the fuck up? I`m saying this and i pretty
much do dress like the above punk.
I don`t know. Maybe I`m just stupid, but if being a punk means
meeting the requirements above, then count me out. I`ll just sit
in my room and listen to the Dead Kennedy`s and the Misfits, and
Subhumans, while all the "real" punks sit on the street making fun
of each other.


Political Morons
Now, i don`t usually get into politics or anything, but our country is headed
for a disaster real soon. Not just one, but a lot. We`re going down hill, and whoever
wins the election is taking us with him. The front runners for the presidency
are Al Gore, and George Bush. Oddly enough in the end a lot of the democrats
are going to end up voting republican.Of course this is just my opinion, but i`ve got
my reasons for it.  Starting with the fact that Gore just doesn`t appeal to many people.
He`s a stiff guy, he worked under President Clinton, which doesn`t appeal to anyone -
not even Monica anymore. He`s been heard saying that his knowledge of how to be a good
president has come from Clinton when we all know that Clinton hasn`t done
anything for this country. If Gore is elected into office it will be becuz of one thing -
he`s the only democrat that`s not going to die of a heart attack while in office...and democrats
want to vote democratic.
The issues Gore speaks about, and that really all the canidates speak about are not
really issues at all. They should be concerned with real problems. I understand
that everyone wants education to be huge, but what about the homeless? What
about the thousands of people losing their jobs everyday who can`t afford to
support their families anymore? And why is abortion brought up at every
debate? Honestly i could give a rats ass whether or not Bush is pro or anti
abortion. What are they gonna do about the starving hungry people chillin on the streets.
Heres something that i think will make you more aware of whats going on in our
canidates heads. It can get a little yucky at times.
Rebuplican Alan Keyes, the only african american running, has his own thoughts
on education. While Gore, Bradley, and Bush want to take millions of tax dollars
and spend it on education this is what Keyes will do if he were to become
president - have prayer in school, abolish the department of education, get rid
of sex eduation on schools, and only teach abstinence. ever. Come on...can`t we
talk about things that would affect out lives in better ways? Unfortunately for us this
guy seems to be appealing to college kids...he actually crowd surfed the other day to show that
he was free spirited and, i guess, hip. If i had to vote tomorrow i`d mark on my ballot
Jello Biafra...becuz i sure as hell don`t want any of these fuck ups in office.

Ebay Bidding

This my just a warning to everyone out there who hasn`t gone the route of online
bidding. Following the suggestion of one of my friends, i decided that i should find myself
a new guitar through . Prices were suppose to be cheap, and it should be kind of
fun to bid on things and see fi you get them or not....oh no. Be warned friends. I found my perfect
guitar within 5 minutes of looking, made a bid and was out, i bid again. My bid is
currently up to $ one has out bid me yet, but there`s still 6 days left until the auction
is up. now this isn`t the end...last nite i believed that i would no doubt lose that guitar to someone
with more money than i, and made 2 more bets on 2 other similiar of which i`m
waiting on right now. The auction on one of them is over in 2 hours, so if i win then yippee!
I`ll get a beautiful acoustic for $76...but what if i win the other 2 auctions? Then
i get 3 beautiful guitars and nothing to do with them, and a bunch of money owed to people...
Yes, it was fun at first...but it`s VERY addicting. I mean in 2 days i`ve already screwed
myself over. Yes, you can find some deals, but when someone out bids you then it becomes
a that i feel i still have to, think before you even jump into an auction
online...or even at your local flea market!


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