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Have We Lost Our Roots?

Alright Kids. I`m a little confused with today`s
generation of punkers. To me, they do not
symbolize what i think punk once was. Punks, not
too many years ago, were united - "The Kids
United." But somehow things have changed where
we can`t even get along anymore. Becuz of this
I`ve chosen not to label myself as punk anymore.
It seems as though that punks, or so they call themselves, have
developed this attitude where they are comstantly competing
against one another to prove who is the punkest of them all. This is
ridiculous. I don`t know how many times I`ve walked through the
streets of Oakland, and heard punks make comments on how other
punks were dressed. Calling these other kids posuers, and
wannabees. It`s insane. And the whole " if I`m a chick punk, i have
to be a bitch" thing has got to go. I`ve been told many a time how
happy people are that i`m not like those other punk girls becuz i`m
not a bitch.
And, why, do you need to wear plaids, and boots to be allowed to
  listen to punk? In the eyes of today`s punkers you
cannot be considered a real punk unless you have on plaid pants, or
are wearing boots. And yet, if you do, they don`t accept you becuz
they think you`re a poseur. Why, can`t people just wear what they
want, and everyone else just shut the fuck up?
I don`t know. Maybe I`m just stupid, but if being a punk means
meeting the requirements above, then count me out. I`ll just sit
in my room and listen to the Dead Kennedy`s and the Misfits, and
Subhumans, while all the "real" punks sit on the street making fun
of each other.

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