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These Are pix of my friends & I
Pay no attention to how badly my scanner scanned them.
Sorry they`re such poor quality :/

This is  my bestest buddy Marc

This is Chad :) He`s more or less my wake up call
to the world when my mind goes astray.

This is Timmy C...he is one of the best friends i`ve ever had.
The pix a little bad...cuz my scanner is stoopid...but i still needed
to give him props :) I love you Timmy C!!!!

This would be me and timmy no attention to my
glasses...i`ve got new better

This is me & my friend Aaron. I`ve only known him for
about 5 months now...but he rox...heheh...

And that was me before i dyed my hair blue again

This would be me & my Doyle action

And this is my car...notice the for sale sign...interested? email me at

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