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Hi All! This is my little page
about me...

Okay, my name is Heather,  and i live in this tiny
little community called Long Branch. It`s soooo amish!! I don`t mean
we drive horse and buggies, but at least the amish have places of
business. We don`t have anything. It sux! Not one gas station,
convieniant store, or any little food mart. Nothing! The only neighbors I
have are old people and cows. It`s so sad. So, i spent a lot of time in
Pittsburgh. I also work in the suburbs of pittsburgh in a little record
Music is my life. My main area of interest is punk. But i also dig ska
and hardcore too. And one of my very favorite genres of music is
80`s hair bands!!! I love them! Poison, Motley Crue, Warrant, Ratt!!
They`re awesome!  I play a whole bunch of instruments, so i keep
busy in the music area. I`m looking to start a punk or ska if
anyones interested...then e-mail me!!!
So, i think that`s about it when it comes to me...if you want to know
more, then just e-mail me, or write so in my guestbook.

Heres some facts :)

* I`m 20yrs old

* My birthdate is July 7, 1980

* I`m obsessed with British people

* My favorite cereal is Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds

* My favorite color is orange (althought i have a secret liking for pink)

* I want to visit all 48 states before i`m 22 yrs old (alaska & hawaii not included
cuz i can`t drive there)

* I love to draw anime

* I love street trucks

* My drivers license picture is so bad that i`ve had people tell me that they
would have never dated me if i had looked like that when they met me.

* I love sitting chillin at the wall in Oakland

*I`m completely in love with Marc Sexauer my boyfriend

*I`ll be living on the South Side starting Aug 15th

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