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Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein
This is my little page dedicated to my favorite man
in the entire world - the man i named my car after, the man who
brings me the most joy out of my favorite band, the man known
as Doyle.



This is the Doyle Action Figure That I Got For Christmas of `99

Hopefully I`ll be adding the Jerry, Chud, and Graves Dolls!

Say - Here`s something you may not know about Doyle, or
the Misfits for that matter... :

When they first formed Doyle was not the original guitarist.
A guy by the name of Bobby Steele was...but he and Danzig had, well,
lets just say creative differences, and Steele was replaced with Jerry
Only`s brother - Doyle. Steele went on to form the Undead, another
rock band famous in and around 1984.

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