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Shawn - Guitar
J - bass
Chris - drums
Timmy C - vocals

The apathetics are a punk band from Connellsville, PA.  They`ve got
a hard edge, and an awesome sound, ad i really think they`re gonna
get bigger and better in the scene soon. Word today is that poop monkey
records wants to put their song "kerosene & cigarettes" on an
upcoming compilation. Hopefully this will be the start of an
era of apathetics... :)
The played their first public apperance at a graduation party in
Ruffsdale, PA on Friday May 19, 2000 with my friends Marty &
Brandon`s band Vox Populi.
You can see a pic or 2 of timmy c & shawn on my pix page. And soon
there will be some pic of Marty & Brandon of Vox Populi. After you check
those out then go listen to their sounds. They`ve got 4 songs on
and heres the address..
they recorded them in the basement, os they`re not cd quality, but you`ll
get a general idea :)

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