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Hi all!

Was wondering if I could get some interest in a Christmas Day hike? We could start later like noon or 1PM.

I was thinking about a hike at the Marilla Reservoir, west of Bradford for a hike to the top of the Marilia Springs Trail. We could visit the actual spring head where there are two side by side springs. This is the cleanest springs I have ever measured with my TDS meter! The hike would be approx 3.2 miles ONE WAY! So figure on about 6 and a half total hike length.

Please message me back if you might be interested and if I can get more that just a few, I will plan and advertise the hike. Let me know your preferred starting time.

More info may be found here:

Happy Holidays!


PS- Please pass this on to who ever may be interested!

"Miss Marilla", a giant Eastern White Pine
"Miss Marilla", a giant Eastern White Pine


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