Our Post Thanksgiving Hike

Kennedy Springs Hike

Here is a quick blurb about our post Thanksgiving 2009 Allegheny Outdoor Adventures adventure hike. It was on Saturday November 28th 2009.

I will update this story very shortly ... check back.

Basically ten of us hiked an abandon rail road grade in the original Kennedy Springs Picnic Area, a full mile down the road from the current (closed) Kennedy Spring, on the other side of the road.

Ten of us hiked the rail road grade up along a very scenic creek. Then we went to a narrow gorge, did some rappelling and then made a campfire lunch. On the way back some of us picked up litter along the road and in the woods.

The hikers were: John, Lori, Bill B., Cathy, Sarah, Karen, Ryan, Bill, Nick and Monica.

Check back soon for the full story.

The photos with the time stamp were taken by Bill B. and the others were taken with my camera mostly by Lori Vickery. Thank you Bill and Lori for documenting our hike so well.

Here's the pics:

The hike in








The scenery





























Lunch Break







Nick C and Ryan C did a demonstration on starting fire without matches or lighters ... or KEROSENE!



The Hike back out




The end of the hike




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