Kayak Water Polo

University of Pitt at Bradford

Kayak Water FOOTBALL Game- Superbowl Sunday Feb 5th

Looks like the weather is not going to be good for any outdoor sports this coming weekend ... But fear not ... We are playing Kayak Water Polo in the Pool at Pitt at Bradford, once again.

This time with a "twist". Since it's Superbowl Sunday, a few things will be different.

First of all we will play from 10am to 1:30PM. And as usual we will stop for a nice lunch (these are fun social gatherings) in the meeting room just off the pool.

Second, we will play with a "nerf-football" instead of the typical soccer ball. And the lunch and snack trays may have a football theme!

Everybody is welcome and you can bring your own boat or use one of ours. All you need is a bathing suit, a towel and lunch! If you never played before, we will teach you ... It's easy!

Mick has been paying the life guards out of his own pocket for these games, so it would be nice if everybody kicked in a buck or two to pay for the guards. And it's a "bring your own lunch" but some people bring a dish to pass and it makes for a very fun picnic lunch.

This is at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford in Bradford at 10:00 AM Sunday

EVEN IF we get the promised snow, the ground is too warm and it will be too wet, sticky and slushy to ski, snow-shoe or hike.

Come join us in the warm pool!


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Recent Trips:

Kayak Water Polo

University of Pitt at Bradford

January 22nd 2006

We had a good attendance. We played a team of 6 against 6. Another great game and real fun lunch! Our lunch breaks are getting too big! Too much wonderful food. I'm starting to enjoy the lunch's more than the games!

I don't think I can name everybody, but here goes. From Bradford, it was Mick, Artie, Travis, me (John), Zach, SugarRay, Sam "Stitches" Johnson, and Sam brought his wife and 3 year old daughter AND HER KAYAK!

Then from Olean, it was just Kathy Hardiman. From Jamestown came John T, a "regular" and Jason. From the Buffalo area, Vanessa, Linda, Carl, and Carrol, and two others, a husband and wife who's names escape me. And then from Tonawanda came Jay and his wife Amy. Am I forgetting anybody? ... Oh, yea, Mary, her friend Jen, and her mom Yvonne. We had over 20 players.

This time we wore colored vests to designate the teams instead of boat colors, and that made things a lot easier.

No real injuries, just the "normal" black and blue from unintentional paddle whacks.

After the last game we practiced rolls for a while, while others just relaxed by swimming in the warm pool. I got a video clip of Mary doing two near perfect rolls. And some good "action shots" of Mary ("the show-off")(her new nick-name) doing a back-flip off the deck into the pool. I can't wait to see Mary do this at the Big Falls at Zoar!

We are all looking forward to an early spring, and some real open water action soon. And we are starting to make plans for our "Second Annual Kayak Easter Egg Hunt" on the Tuna on Easter weekend, or thereabouts.

Jen and Travis doing battle


Artie, Vanessa and Yvonne


Yvonne fights Artie and SugarRay for the ball .....


.... and wins! GO YVONNE!


Travis defending goal


Sam and his daughter, the youngest player at 3!


She even does tricks!


Mick about to enter


John T in the foreground


Jason passes


Travis using his head


Kathy H passing


Linda blocked by me (in the Hawaiian shirt)


Amy with the ball


Lots of action


Where's the ball?


Linda, Jason, John T


Me, Travis and Mary


Artie blocked by Kathy H


Artie and Jay


L to R:Jay, Amy, Carl, Vanessa, Kathy and Linda


Lined up for the start of a game


...And they're off!


Me in my Buzzo shirt and sharks hat


Travis digging in


Yvonne and Artie


Mick guarding goal


Mary, Travis, Yvonne


A full pool


Mary doing a back flip


Great action shot


Side view


Entering the water


Click to enlarge


Dosen't Jen look a little too much like Alf?


Mary rolling the Kayak video clip

Kayak Water Polo

University of Pitt at Bradford

January 18th 2006

This was a pretty busy game for a wednesday night. I didn't get home until after 11:00PM.

We had a good attendance. We played a team of 5 against a team of 6 boats. The game was MUCH more violent than our weekend games, and we had our first "serious" injury. Sam Johnson and Dave Ray (kayaking buddies) were both upside down apparantley and trying to roll at the same time and Dave caught Sam in the head with his paddle and cut Sam's head right open. Sam had to go to the hospitle for stiches. Sam was upset I didn't get pictures of the bloody mess! This was a very unusual event and situations usually don't occuar during a "normal" water polo game. Don't let this scare anybody off from attending our weekend (or weeknight) games. For the most part, if you don't "screw around" you won't get hurt, save for the occational black and blue from a paddle blow.

Near the end of the game, Mary asked to be shown how to do a roll. I showed Mary a little in the past, but Mick and then Zach showed her the more detailed moves.

To everybody's amazement, SHE GOT IT. Not only did Mary learn to roll, but she did it over and over again. Jen also practiced the moves, and did amazing herself, and was probably only a few minutes away from doing a roll also. BUT it got late (11:00PM) and we were all pretty tired to say the least. Here are the photos I did get ... None of Sam's bleeding, split open head!

Mary learns to roll!

Here she comes!


Almost out!


Mary springs into the air!


Travis in a nose stand


And yet another successful roll!


Keep the head down Mary!


Love the goggles!


Atta girl!


Here she comes ...


Jen practicing the paddle movememt


Mary just rolls like a pro!


Be sure to come out for sunday's game!

January 15th 2006

This was a real fun game! I love it when we get new people to play, and this week we met several "new-bies". I'm not going to remember everybody's name, and I'm sorry in advance. Let's see, Linda Grant came down from the Buffalo area with two other people! There was a Johnathan, and a Roy (or Ray?). Irene from Evergreen Outfitters came down with her husband John. Karen and her son (Joel maybe?) came from the Jamestown area, as did John Turnquest. Sam Johnson and myself were from Bradford. The College group was Mick, Artie, Zach, Travis and his brother Brandon. Mary came from Belmont with her mom, Yvonne, and two nieces, Jen and Katherine and her co-worker Jen (starting to become another "regular" in our group). I'm forgetting some names, but we had about 15 players.

We also had a referee and scorekeeper, but I didn't catch his name. He kept real good score for all the games.

Before any of the "official" games started, some of us got into the pool early and we even got Mary's nieces, Jennifer and Katherine "faked" into playing for a while.

We started with the first game of 5 on 5. Before lunch we played two twenty minute games. After the first game we re-grouped and organized 3 teams of 5 people each. We played a second game and then had lunch.

To me (and others) the lunch breaks are almost as much fun as the polo games.

This was one of the better lunches we had! The food everybody brought with was superb! My vegetarian chili was a big hit and I will be posting the recipe soon. Mary's mom's potato salad was great! There was lots of cheese and crackers.... all we needed was a bottle of wine! After a great lunch we played three more 20 minute games.

The games start out fairly slow, and relaxed, but by the last few games we are going all out and it becomes a slug-fest! Only one injury this week. Karen's son got hit in the cheek bone and it swelled up pretty good. A few of the girls got thrown into the pool more than once and I was AGAIN picked up by Travis and thrown in.

Here are some photos:

Mick blocking a shot


Finally a photo of the lunch break


We had three tables of food!


Mary with her "What about Bob" shirt


Me in my sharks hat


Artie making a goal


Zach with the ball


Mary and Zach doing something weird!


An epic battle for the ball


Nicest socks ever to attend a game!


January 8th 2006

This was a real fun game! This was also the biggest crowd we had for a water polo game. I'm not going to remember everybody's name, and I'm sorry in advance. Let's see, Vanessa came down from the Buffalo area with five other people, Dan, Jan, Helen?, *and others*! Bill from the Jamestown area, as did John Turnquest. Dave Ray, Sam Johnson and myself from Bradford. The College group was Mick, Artie, Harriette, and Travis. Mary came from Belmont with her mom, Yvonne, and two nieces, Jen and Katherine. Later Kathy H came from Olean with Jennifer K and Jojo who came from Allegheny. I'm forgetting some names, but we had over 20 players.

We started with the first game of 7 on 7. Before lunch we played two half-hour games. There were too many in the pool. Then we re-grouped and organized 4 teams of 5 people each. We played a second game and then had lunch.

To me (and others) the lunch breaks are almost as much fun as the polo games.

After a great lunch we played three more 20 minute games.

I reffed the games I didn't play in. I didn't get in any of the pictures. Jennifer K from Allegheny SAID she was injured (arm and shoulder), but even though she was "taking it easy" she surprised everybody with her several goals! She was definitely the high scorer in a few games.

I only wish we got some pictures of the lunch break.

Here is a report from Kathy Hardiman:

Wow, John got a great turnout for the water polo game today - I can't even remember everybody. Let's see, Jim (I think) from Evergreen Outfitters in Jamestown; Ness, Helen, Mary, Dan, Pat, (I think...plus others!) from Ness' yams and cams paddling group in Buffalo; Mary and Jenn, Artie, Harriet, Travis, Yvonne, John and Mick (and more...?) from his group; and JoJo, Jenn, and I from Olean_area_hiking. There were several teams that took turns or rotated in, with a nice food fest at break time. Everyone appeared to have a blast and there were some pretty talented players there (not I) - especially the women. I was impressed. And, gotta love those Liquid Logic kayaks (available at Evergreen Outfitters, of course)!

Thanks John and Mick for organizing.

And here is a trip report from Vanessa:

Hey John, thanks for setting up the game and inviting us all. It was fun!

Carl, Mary B., Helen, Jan and Dan and I all had a BLAST and we really appreciate being included. I have a black and blue bump (war wound, haha) over my left eye where I got whacked with a paddle accidentally by Artie. I wonder how HIS jaw feels after he got hit so hard by Travis? ;-) No matter, I will be back to play again in a heartbeat!

I see you posted a game for next week, but that's our group's Paddlers Potluck is that day so we can't attend...darn!!!

I see Jen is the first pic on the webpage...but did she get dunked (and wet)? LOL. ;-)

Take care and see you soon. We'll be at any game after the Jan 15 one so see you soon!

PS We hope to be at the Tuna Creek run this year too!

Here are some photos:

Jenn, the high scorer for the "Blue" team


Action in a busy pool


This must be a game with 5 on 5


Katherine, the second half score keeper


Katherine and Jen in the pool during the game


John T from Jamestown, Sam J, Mary S and Kathy H in the background


A more crowded game


Note the snow outdoors


Yvonne, Mary's mom


Jan (who came with her husband Dan)


Mary (facing goal), ???? and Vanessa


John T


The teams were blue and green against yellow and orange


Boy did Jenn sure score some points!


JoJo with Dan? in the background


Artie, star of the Yellow team


Definitely the best decorated belly-button in the game


Sunday December 4th- Kayak Water Polo Game

The Kayak Water Polo game was at the University of Pitt at Bradford (AKA Brad Pitt). Mary, her mom Yvonne, and her nieces Jennifer and Katherine, followed by Stephenie, met me (John) at the pool at 10:30. Early enough for me to give them a 45 second "kayak lesson" before the others began to arrive. Soon the others started to arrive. This might not be complete or accurate, but we were joined by: Mick, Zach, Artie, and Travis. After the game started, we were joined by others from "west" of here, Jamestown, and the Erie/Buffalo area. They were, John, Vanessa, her husband Dave, and their friend Carrol. Kathy Hardiman and Sam Johnson joined us after the lunch break for the second half.

Mary's nieces did not play, but did chase balls for a while. We played from about 11 until 12:30 and then had a real great lunch. Then we got back in the pool around 1:15 and played again until 2:30. We had two teams of six boats for most of the first and second games.

The first game started out fairly calm, getting more aggressive as the game went on. Mary attributes the rough, aggressive and sometime violent playing in the second game to "testosterone levels being too high". By the second half it was an all out, no holds-barred, full-on, sink-or-be-sunk, knock-down-drag-out water polo game. Surprising us all, was Mary's mom Yvonne who did quite well, holding her own against the roughest of college guys. NOW we know where Mary gets her "spunk", from Yvonne.

Even though Mary, Yvonne and Stephenie had never been in a kayak before, by the middle of the first game they were all playing and maneuvering like pros! Fast learners all of them.

I got swamped several times during the game, maybe 5 times or so, doing battle for the ball with the collage "hot-shots". One time while I was out of the boat, I "tricked" Katherine into coming near me, looking at something on the bottom of the pool and pushed her in. Jennifer was too smart or too cautious to fall for the same scam later on. Mary was also too smart to fall for it, but she was picked up by a college guy (literally, not figuratively), Zach who "threw" her into the pool after the lunch break.

Speaking of lunch, I brought a batch of vegetarian pasta salad as well as a box of chocolate chip cookies and a lemon meringue pie and Dave and Vanessa brought some great chili. We all dried off somewhat for a nice lunch in the lunch room, just off the pool.

Steph had somewhere to go and left before the second half. Just after she left, Sam Johnson and Kathy Hardiman showed up. The second game was brutal. Lots of fights over the ball. Nobody was (badly) hurt, save for a few unintentional bruises and bumps. Everybody probably went home with at least one black and blue spot!

We will be playing water polo on Tuesday nights while the collage is in session. No more Sundays until after the year, and then watch for about two Sunday games a month starting in January through March or April when we move to outdoor boating!

Ask anybody, these games are FUN FUN FUN .... and quite the workout!

Here are some photos:

Kathy H, John (from Jamestown), Me (John "Stony", the one tipping Zach), Zach, Travis, Mick, somebody hidden behind Mick, Carol, and Yvonne.


Mary getting tipped by Zach


Kathy trying to block my shot ...I made it anyhow


Travis about to pass


Kathy again trying to block my pass


Zach with the ball


Mick scores "I'll take that point"


The "violent half" of the game. Note the turbulent water.


Note the waves! Quite Carol "anchored" in the background!


Katherine in the background working as a ball chaser.


I'm missing all the action, NOW look at the waves in the pool!


Zach gets the ball


Vanessa passes to me


Crowding the goal


I'm out of the boat but still kept the ball ... and scored!


This was an epic battle. Travis was not willing to give the ball up ...


.... But I ended up getting it ...


....but promptly went over!


A calmer part of the game


Artie attacking Zach


I'm about to shoot ..... AND SCORE!


Katherine and Jennifer after the game


The pool water is calming down


The Pool Babes!


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